The Cole Family

We’re a blended bunch, marrying four years ago, and still figuring things out… We seem to have a knack for finding new ways to define who we are as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. We have grown stronger and more connected with each intentional shift we’ve maneuvered. Yet, keeping our family aligned with our values and maintaining that intention and focus each day is NOT easy.

Our home is full of activity and busy little bodies from 7am till almost 5pm, Monday through Friday as Ryan and I run a home-based daycare and preschool. We’ve been a husband and wife team for over 2 years now and I’d say it’s a success despite the occasional winter days when we both get a little crazy!

Ryan and I became vegan 2 years ago after a series of documentaries on Netflix, and some nutrition books at the time drastically changed our views on the environment, nutrition and basically our government (lol). A typical morning starting daycare will have one of us stirring something homemade on the stove. We went from a near Atkins diet to vegan lifestyle overnight! It’s been awesome learning together but we did not know what we we’re doing! Today I would describe our diet as a whole Foods plant based diet, which also happens to be vegan.

About the time we got married, Ryan and I began surfing(or attempting to surf) on our Oregon Coast. This was another steep learning curve as neither of us had ever tried before. We bought used boards off Craigslist and bought our first wetsuits! Amazingly, this has become one of Ryan’s greatest passions, and he cuts out of daycare every chance he gets to catch a few waves.

Our boys also keep us on our toes with everything from the daily mountain of laundry to their unique learning disabilities(Joey is 10 and Jayden is 8). Jayden attends an inclusive public school class where he gets lots of visual aids and one on one. Joey prefers to be homeschooled where his attention deficits are not as much of a barrier to his learning. They both love our weekend trips and have embraced exploring the outdoors with us whether on foot, by boat or peddling our bike!

This is our family… we are a liberal, ever-evolving family, still discovering who we are and where we are heading.

Thanks for reading and showing interest in our Campfire Blog. Follow us, we know where we’re going!


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