Pacific City, You Dirty Bird..(IPA)

Another Oregon Beach that holds my heart is Pacific City. This coastal community is so unique! It’s home to the Dory Fleet. Watching the fisherman launch and land their boats on the beach is super entertaining. This beach has a good break for the locals and also pulls a lot of surfers from the valley. This beach has a different vibe than other Oregon beaches, much more of a California culture.


This beach has a huge 4th of July celebration that has brought our family here for more than 30 years! Hundreds of trucks and Jeeps up and down the beach, live music, and fireworks going off all over!

I shamefully love watching the amateur beach goers drive out on to the beach, only to get stuck!  After a day surfing or beach combing, right off the beach you can walk into the Pelican Brewery for a cold Dirty Bird IPA(my favorite)!


Up the road from the Pelican Brewery is our Thousand Trails Campground. When we stay here the boys always get fired up to catch a rabbit! Haha.. Bunnies are hopping around everywhere!

A long weekend spent here is just perfect, any longer and you run out of things to do in the area.

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  1. Wow, sounds inviting! Pacific City is just what I need, for more special moments to remember!

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