Summer Park & Rec

How do you make holy water? … you boil the hell out of it.

This past summer Ryan and I decided to sign our family up for some fun water activities through the Eugene’s Park and Recreation.  We weren’t taking a big summer vacation anywhere, but still wanted the boys to end summer with some fun, new experiences.

We signed up for a few rafting trips, a few different paddle boarding trips and a beginner sailing trip out on Fern Ridge Reservoir. For a family of four, some of these activities can really add up! Thankfully, the city does have an amazing scholarship program that is available at the beginning of summer. If a family qualifies, scholarship dollars are available for every family member. It’s wonderful!


Ryan was a bit reluctant at first for some of the plans I made for all of us, but once we got rolling with summer, we had a blast! We met a few interesting guides and families similar to ours. Ryan and I discovered we enjoyed sailing, and Joey and Jayden were amazing on Paddleboards(SUP)!


Our family float took us down the Willamette River. It was the end of summer when the valley was so engulfed in smoke, some days we were told to stay indoors.  Had it been a clear day it would have been more enjoyable, but we still had a great memorable experience.

We had the best guide for this trip. I wish I could remember his name, he was a retired middle school science teacher. He had a joke for every bend along the river! My boys loved it…. “a three-legged dog walks into a bar… has anyone seen my paw?”

I’m so grateful we had these experiences and as summer whether approaches, I’m already thinking about what we might try next!

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