The Hippie Elitist

Where does a bad light end up? … In prism.

This is one of the draws of Florence from our West Eugene home.

No, It’s not the surfing…

Although my husband swears it calls to him in his sleep. The breaks aren’t too crowded and he always comes home with great wildlife stories and interesting encounters with old hippie surfers, livin’ Out of their bus. Last weekend he saw a bald eagle, and a few months before that, a sea lion poked his head out of the surf right next to him with a salmon in his mouth! Wow!

It’s not the state parks…

But who doesn’t LOVE hiking up the dunes with your kids on a summer day? Or paddle boarding around Lake Cleawox at Honeyman Memorial State Park? Have you sat at the top of the dunes and watched the osprey snatch fish from the lake? Man, I miss summer…


It’s not the shops of old town, or even Florence’s best dive bar, The Beachcomber. But we might as well stop there too for a cold one…


No, what calls to us is the hippie elitist burger at Homegrown Public House! Yum! It’s refreshing to find a restaurant that has amazing vegan options, add to that outdoor seating, a liberal, laidback atmosphere with great beer on tap! YES!


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