Month: February 2018

Camping… I miss you.

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?… she will “let it go..” We are a camping family, plain and simple. It gets us off our Netflix and YouTube habit, off our social media apps, and puts a stop to the neighborhood kids knocking on our door. There’s no […]


Golf: for people who don’t know how to surf. Today I had my typical surf trip to Florence. I threw my wetsuit and longboard in the back of the Yukon and took off to the beach. It’s about an hours drive, which gives me time to reflect, collect […]

Belknap Hot Springs

What did the pepperoni say to the mozzarella?… You wanna pizza me? We love to escape to Belknap Hot Springs either as a family or just the two of us. From Eugene it’s a little over an hour drive up the McKenzie Highway. The grounds has two hot springs, […]

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