Belknap Hot Springs

What did the pepperoni say to the mozzarella?… You wanna pizza me?

We love to escape to Belknap Hot Springs either as a family or just the two of us. From Eugene it’s a little over an hour drive up the McKenzie Highway. The grounds has two hot springs, mountain cabins, lodge rooms and campsites along the McKenzie River. This is truly an escape from the city, no cable, no cell service, and crawling WiFi speeds!

Despite it’s outdated lodge, quirky staff, and Christmas decor in late February, it still has charm. Lots of hiking trails surround the area along with pools and lovely gardens designed for outdoor weddings.


We love meeting new people when we’re soaking in the hot springs. The people watching here is never disappointing as long as your not overly conservative.

When staying on the grounds there isn’t a lot of dining in the area. Our favorite hangout… McKenzie Bridge for a cold IPA out on their patio!


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