Camping… I miss you.

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?… she will “let it go..”

We are a camping family, plain and simple. It gets us off our Netflix and YouTube habit, off our social media apps, and puts a stop to the neighborhood kids knocking on our door. There’s no laundry to fold or bathrooms to clean. It’s when our best memories are made. It’s not just the special trips, but the everyday camping moments when we’re just hanging out by the fire together, burning our marshmallows and scratching mosquito bites. I live for those moments…


But…this is not one of those moments, we haven’t been camping since last October,and it’s killing me! I miss our favorite campground walks at dusk. I’m so tired of winter I could scream! I don’t know about you, but when I am at home all weekend I end up working, and not just because I work from home. I will organize a closet, convince Ryan we need to rearrange our furniture or work on a number of projects at the desk, mainly out of boredom.

Ryan and I know we only have a few more years before our boys won’t want to go camping as a family anymore. So while I’m sitting here in our living room going stir crazy for warmer weather, I am determined to make the most of each and every weekend this summer.

I want to watch movies outside, float the river, bike ride, hike, have waterballon fights and explore new places! I want to play Ticket to Ride a million times and read stories out loud together.  I am going to make each sunny day this summer with my family count!

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  1. You have an interesting blog here, I have this plan to retire and travel around America in my RV and my family things I’m crazy. I follow a lot of blogs by full time RVer’s but they won’t read them so they don’t understand why I think it sounds so cool.
    I think I will follow your blog so I can see all the places you are camping at.

      • I have already did a lot of down sizing but taking care of my elderly father right now.
        I am using my blog to teach residual income and building a residual income will help with the income needed to become a full time RVer.

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