Month: March 2018

10 Things I Miss Most When Traveling

My bed. I always, always, always miss our bed when we travel, don’t you? (Maybe this means I’m getting old). We have an old king frame and mattress with a memory foam pad on top. It’s nothing fancy, but boy is it cozy. My shower. I’m 5’10 and I like the […]

Last Fun Day On Vacation

What is my husband’s idea of a balanced diet?…a beer in each hand. We packed in as much fun as possible today before it’s time to say goodbye to spring break. We walked along the Little Deschutes River Trail in search of the elk we’ve seen a few […]

Bit By A Vicious Mosquito (IPA)

  Where does an otter keep his money?.… 💰 the river bank. Nature Center Walk Around The Pond Every year we take this walk around the pond behind the Nature Center. This year we got super lucky and spotted a family of river otters. I think a few ducks got […]

A Low Key Day At Camp

Halfway through our week and it’s time for a clean up day. Time to mail some bills, grocery shopping at the country store, straighten up the cabin and wash a few loads of laundry. The first day here on Sunday it didn’t get much above 40’ and their […]

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