“Straight outta Newport..”

We spend a weekend every month or so in Newport, Oregon. We love this sleepy coastal town for all it offers! If the surfing is decent Ryan will be found ridin’ the waves at Agate Beach, across from Ossie’s Surf Shop. The boys and I usually take this time to hit up the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Science Center!

We’ve got this day down, after an hour or two, Ryan will pick us up and we will head over the bridge for lunch. Our three destinations for lunch; Nana’s Irish Pub and Cafe Mundo in Nye Beach, and The Rogue Brewery overlooking the bay.

Most weekends we camp or stay in a cabin at Whaler’s Rest in South Beach, and when we want to pamper ourselves we will splurge for the Embarcadero Resort on the bay.

On calm, sunny days nothing beats walking out to the south jetty watching the sea lions and fishing boats. You can hear the sea lions barking at each other from the docks in old town.


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  1. Ok, Iam ready for a trip to New Port. I really like your blog because it inspires me to get in the car and head for the Oregon Coast! I also love your pictures . Looking forward to your next adventure.

  2. Love the pictures…
    …. and your boys are beautiful.
    It must be SO much fun, seeing things from their perspective.
    I have a young adult daughter and a typical teenage son… bicker, bicker, bicker but they cannot live without each other.

    • Thank you for lovely comment.. oh my boys bicker too! Hahaha They are always fighting over something. But I know they will grow up soon enough. 🙏😊 And then hopefully they will be close as adults, yours too. 💕

  3. I enjoyed this post about Newport. We loved Newport when we camped at Beverly Beach State Park several years ago. You are making wonderful memories with your children! Thanks for following my blog.

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