Happy 2nd Veganiversary

How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

Last night it hit me that we have been vegan now for 2 whole years. We made it through another year! We’ve added more favorite recipes to our weekly menus and discovered more places to eat when we go out. We still struggle of course… Ryan still has a weakness for his Saturday morning blueberry scone, and I still on occasion need my milk chocolate fix. But overall I think it’s been a real success!

Entertaining is a bit trickier for us. We used to invite our adult children to a Sunday dinner and that hasn’t happened in a while. Its not that we still wouldn’t, we would love to. But they have no desire to be vegan. So the dilemma is this; do we prepare our yummiest vegan meal and cross our fingers hoping they’ll come back, or do we buy and prepare a meal they will eat? We’re still navigating our way through this one.

My parents for the most part, are our closest friends and they’ve accepted our vegan lifestyle. I’m not sure that it will ever entirely sink in for my mother though. She will come over for a drink or maybe we’re all gathering to watch a big game and she will bring shrimp, or a cheese tray, or some other type of meat. “I know your vegan, but you can eat shrimp right, that’s still vegan!” “No, mom, actually shrimp is not vegan.” Or she will say, “can’t you have cheese, there’s no carbs?” “No mom, we’re not counting carbs.”

Our two boys are not vegan yet either. We don’t want to force it, rather we lead by example, hoping for the day they choose it for the same reasons we did. Our home daycare serves a vegetarian menu, so our boys eat mostly vegetarian with the exception of when our 10 year old can convince us to order a pepperoni pizza.

If your reading this and you want to know more about why we’re vegan, or you want to try but you don’t know where to start, message us. We’re learning new things all the time! We’d love to share more ideas on living a vegan life.

Thanks for reading and showing interest in our Campfire Blog. Follow us, we know where we’re going!



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