TGIF…bring on the weekend!

What do you call a Bear in the rain?…a drizzly Bear.

Friday rolls around once again…Am I glad to see you! As days get longer with daylight savings and the threat of snow and ice start to melt away, it’s time to start making the most of these weekends, especially the dry ones!

Friday night is another “date night” for us! We’re not exactly on the wild side of life these days. A typical Friday night will still have us in bed before 9:00. We’ll sit and have a pint or bottle of wine at one of our favorite spots. If we’re lucky, their might be some live music that will start in town before our comfy bed starts calling our name.

Usually we end up at the Beergarden. They have 42 rotating taps of beer, cider, wine and kombucha. If you wanna try something new, it’s hard to beat their selection. The foodcarts and covered patio are also unique and draws just about every crowd. If your into people watching you’ll see everything from after work business casual to full-sleeve tats and dreads! Very entertaining!

This Saturday morning we plan to get out our tent trailer, set it up, air it out, get ready to go for the camping season.


Later we’ll swap out our books and movies at the downtown library and take the boys out for lunch. Our weekly routine, when we’re not out of town. More times than not this is struggle, we can never agree on where to go. Do we compromise atmosphere for the food, and what about beer selection and kid friendly entertainment? It’s an endless battle(haha).

Sunday Ryan will spend the morning surfing near Florence, at the south jetty while I prep for the upcoming week. He’s super excited about Sunday’s surfing conditions.


That will wrap up our weekend and Monday will knock on our door once again. What are your plans for the weekend?

Thanks for reading and showing interest in our Campfire Blog.

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