Date night? I’ll drink to that!

An ox walks into a bar. Bartender says, “off the wagon again?”

No we’re not camping, but it is warm and dry enough to drink beer by the fire. I’ll take what I can get! We get off work on Friday’s an hour earlier and once were off we’re in the car heading downtown.

Our first stop after the long week is the High Street Cafe. The Cafe sits in an old house in downtown Eugene. The back of the house has twinkly lights, a fire pit and is surrounded by huge maple trees. In the fall massive leaves are everywhere, it’s really cool.


We’re just about the only ones out here tonight, but it’s early. I’m surprised to see they have a new IPA, New Kids on the Block! It’s pretty good, a little citrusy and hoppy, just the way I like it. The name sparks a silly conversation about boy bands in the nineties. Who didn’t love boy bands of the nineties, right?

Next stop is Ninkasi Brewing Company…


This is by far my favorite local brewery in town. Not just for the beer, which happens to be amazing and is non GMO, but also the community involvement and vibe of the patrons. Unlike the casual Beergarden scene that draws plenty of mainstream customers, Ninkasi beer drinkers are just different. The only word that comes to mind here is we’re hippies.

We find another outdoor fire to keep warm while we enjoy our beer. Ninkasi also has a new beer this year that has become my new favorite, Prismatic. It’s a citrusy and hoppy IPA also.

After two pints I’m pretty much done for the night, and we find our way home. It was a great time.

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