Agrarian Farms

Cheers to the Weekend…

Ready for a joke about pizza? …  nah, it’s too cheesy.

Once again, a great family Saturday. We started our morning putting up our tent trailer. We haven’t had it out all winter and I just needed a look at it. Thankfully all was well. It’s as good as new, ready for a fun weekend!

After that we headed downtown to the library. We have a small branch a mile or two from our house, but when we have the chance, I love the main library downtown. Anyone that knows me, knows there’s always, always a book in my purse(probably 2).


We decided on Agrarian Farms Brewery, out past the town of Coburg for lunch. They’re an organic farm, super local ingredients, and unique family style. Each year when they harvest their hops they have a community celebration and each hop is handpicked by locals.

Trying their beer is always an experience. I ordered an amber ale(V9), made with roasted poblano chili’s,  roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions. It was awesome, great flavor with a little kick to it!


We played a little Jenga with our beer and headed on to our next stop, Sarver Winery in Veneta Oregon.


Sarver overlooks the valley from the west, on a clear day it’s gorgeous here. The winery was busier than we expected, but still relaxing and peaceful. Ryan and I both love red wine, so we sipped on a glass of Pinot Noir, and took in the view. A great way to end our afternoon out.

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