Gray Whales of Depoe Bay

How do you circumcise a whale?…you send down four-skin divers.

Another favorite coastal community is Depoe Bay. It’s about 10 miles north of Newport. Ryan is all about the surf, but I am obsessed with the WHALES! If we can head up the coast early enough, with the sun behind us, I can spend the entire morning watching for the gray whales of Depoe Bay.


We have a few stops we always make, The Whale Center, Boiler Bay, the candy shop and a park in town where we walk down on the rocks on the west side of town( my favorite whale watching spot, shhh!)

My favorite time to see the whales is the end of summer. The mother’s keep their calves close to shore for safety and we’ve seen some amazing sightings. One morning with my older boys we we’re at the top steps of Bella Beach. The beach there is steep, waves break right on the shore. The three of us thought we we’re watching a log roll ashore and then it swam away! O.o  Later that morning at the whale center they taught us that mother whales will send their young into the surf to protect them from predators. That was when I fell in love with whales.


Most people, if you spotted whales you’ve seen their blow, their flute(tail), spy hopping, or breaching where they leave a huge splash. We learned something new our last trip whale watching. The gray whales love Depoe Bay for the mysids the eat off the bottom of the bay. They dive down and smash the side of their mouth into the bottom of the bay. If they happen to be eating in shallow enough water their tail slaps out of the water like a shark’s fin. This behavior is called “sharking.” Appropriately named! If you’ve ever seen this it looks like a Great White! As they stay on the bottom feeding, the tail flaps back and forth out of the water.

Someday I’d love to volunteer for one of the whale watching weeks along the coast, it is one of my nerdy aspirations! I will be missing whale week this spring break as we will be heading to the mountains. Once the weather cooperates again, we will be back at whale watching. See you soon Depoe Bay!

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