Millennial Murkiness

Why did the duck cross the road?…to prove he wasn’t chicken. 🐓 

Lost Touch With Your Millennial?

Do you struggle to relate to your adult millennial children? Are you frustrated and confused by their mixed signals and odd behavior? We were too! This is a collection of tested do’s and DON’T ever do that again’s, meant to strengthen your relationship with your child and offer insight.

Social Media📬

First and foremost, you have to master at least a few social media apps to stay connected with your millennial. We suggest SnapChat and Instagram. Don’t even bother with Facebook for your millennial. Facebook is the new Myspace, it’s not a “thing” anymore.

Start taking selfies and buy a selfie stick. “Selfie!” 🤳


Don’t EVER…

Don’t ever try to be hip around your adult children, it will not be well received. Even if you are trying to be funny. It’s NOT! You will be annoying them beyond belief! Avoid phrases like “YOLO,” “Hella,” “Cra-cra” or “Dude.” And unless you are an exceptional dancer, it is always a good rule of thumb, to NEVER dance in front of your children. The same goes for singing, save it for the shower.


Don’t Expect a Text Back👋🤪👍🏻🤯

Have you ever sent your millennial a text message only to get crickets, yet every time you see them they are on their phone?  You are texting all wrong! When you text your adult child never send just one friendly greeting. You need to send a barrage of friendly greetings. Or even a dozen or so emojis one at a time(always works!) I guarantee a response back before you have sent the entire collection of emojis.

If you have more than one child we suggest a group message to everyone. For example we will send out a Friday text each week, ‘Happy Friday, Love you all! And the first child that responds back is our favorite for the week.” This is tried and true the best way to get a reply back from each and every one! Don’t take our word for it, Try it!

Don’t Count On the RSVP🎮

Millennials keep island time. Don’t be offended or surprised when your adult children arrive late or don’t show up at all to a family event. This is completely normal and shouldn’t be taken personally. The best approach here is to consider all plans soft until they walk through the door.

This is also true for when they suddenly leave without warning or cause. Not your fault mom and dad, you didn’t say or do anything wrong. This happens from time to time. What most likely happened here is their edible kicked in and they had a sudden urge to chill at home. Nobody’s fault.

We hope these tips have given you some insight and our suggestions help your  relationship with your millennial. If not, you will have at least mastered a few social media apps on your smartphone, made some new friends and have started an amazing collection of selfies! YOLO!🤫

Thanks for reading and showing an interest in our family blog.

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  1. This is great. I don’t text so they all know that if they want to talk to me they have to call. We don’t talk often but usually once every other week or so. Trying to get the four of them together at one time is my biggest challenge. It happened once in the past 2 years. I’m hopeful for mothers day but not holding my breath. LOL.

    • Awe.. that sounds familiar. 😊Thank you for reading it, it’s hard missing your children. I hope after more time, it will get easier for us.
      We can always hope for Mother’s Day! 😁

      • My two youngest have crazy work schedules so I understand when they can’t make it because they need to work and I know they hate missing family events so it sucks for them too. I just treasure time with any of them.

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