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Volunteering For The First Time As A Family With Burrito Brigade

A few weeks ago we learned about a local volunteer group in Eugene serving vegan burritos to the homeless. This really caught our attention. Ryan and I have been wanting to get more involved in our community and we are a vegan family too!

Not having volunteered much before now, we were a bit nervous about going. To be honest, on the morning we were signed up to go, we didn’t really want to. But we all got in the car and went anyway.

The burritos are prepared in the kitchen of Bethesda Lutheran Church in West Eugene, not far from our home. Once we got inside and met a few people, we were so impressed with not only the amount of food being prepared but it also smelled amazing! They make 300 burritos every weekend, and over the course of the last few years they’ve made over 100,000!

They explained a great deal of how their program works to us while we were prepping the tempeh in the ovens. All the vegetables are put through a food processor for anyone with dental issues, making them soft and easy to chew.

They also had little snack bags that one of the volunteers had put together. Fresh fruit, fruit snacks and a few candy treats were in each bag. She showed me some denim bags that she had been sewing. There was also a box of knitted stocking caps and scarves that had been handmade. All of these items along with the burritos will just be distributed to anyone that needs one.

I don’t know why we were so afraid of going, everyone was not only super friendly but they all seemed incredibly upbeat, singing and laughing while they all worked together. Ryan, Joey and I were really inspired! It felt great to be there. I’m not sure how helpful we actually ended up being, but it felt great none the less. We are definitely planning to return, hopefully on a regular basis.

For anyone that wants to get out and volunteer or donate, this is a great group of people and awesome cause! Thank you Burrito Brigade for what you do for our community!

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. It is good to know that there are all these wonderful organisations out there doing so much good. I’m sure you were very useful to them and that they appreciated the help. Well done to your family. The little things we can do make such a huge difference to others.


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