Tacovore’s Vegan Food

When we’re in the mood for Mexican food (which is pretty often) we LOVE Tacovore at 5th and Blair in the “Whit.” The Whitaker Neighborhood definitely has struggled over the years, but from all the local breweries, restaurants and food carts, this neighborhood has made a 180’! It is ALIVE with Eugene culture!

This is one of our favorite places for food. They have a yummy selection of vegan options and the decor is incredibly unique, at least for Eugene. The art reminds me of the Day of the Dead Hispanic Style Art.

My “go-to” dinner, the herbivore tacos, or the vegan chili with chips and salsa, yummm. They make killer margaritas which go down all too easy, and have a decent selection of beer on tap.

The vibe at Tacovore is amazing, if your looking for that unique atmosphere with a Hippie Eugene Vibe, this place won’t disappoint.

We love seeing the Whitaker Neighborhood full of life again. If your a vegan family and you haven’t eaten here yet, what are you waiting for?

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  1. It’s good to see restaurants offering a good vegan range. Veganism is very popular in the UK at the moment and lots of the restaurants have started offering really good menus for vegans. I’m not a vegan but I do enjoy vegan food and often choose that option when eating out. I tried to go vegan a couple of years ago but it was very costly. Unfortunately as it has become very ‘cool’ to be vegan all the prices shot up!


    • Wow, that’s super interesting! We usually eat from home, so we don’t spend too much, but we also work from home too which makes it way easier.😊
      I have read how popular Veganism is over there! I think the movement is really growing! Super cool! 😍Thanks for reading and reaching out! I love it!

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