What Is Up With Easter?

-Let me first say, this is not a religious post. It is a “me rolling my eyes” on commercialism and the wacky traditions of Easter.

What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water?…It’s going to take awhile to get me hard I just got layed by some chick!

The Easter Bunny

When I was a kid I was actually a bit frightened of this idea that a giant bunny was hopping around my neighborhood at night after I went to sleep. I wanted an Easter basket, of course! But I do remember feeling a bit strange and confused  when I was going to sleep trying to make sense of it all.

Colored Eggs That Smell Like Vinegar

Our family tradition was to color eggs the Saturday before Easter. We would get the PAAS kit a week or two before and I would anxiously wait to create my best yet, colored egg! I remember trying to talk my mom into buying fancier kits to step up my egg game, but looking back, I don’t think any of those kits were better than the basic one.

My eggs never reflected my artistic ability or level of patience either. You have to leave them soaking in the vinegar solution for quite a while, and using the white crayon to write on them beforehand was a nearly an impossible feat. You can’t write on a slippery egg with a crayon, I don’t care who you are! It’s too slippery! Despite my best efforts, at the end of the night, all the eggs looked the same.

Baskets Filled With Fake Grass, Wrapped In Cellophane


I loved getting an Easter Basket. At my house growing up it was always hidden somewhere in our house. I could find that Easter Basket no matter how hard I had to look! For anything else of mine that was missing or hiding from me, I did not have this same level of commitment. “Mom, I can’t find my coat….”

My other memory about those baskets, they are super misleading. As a kid they look so colorful and overflowing with STUFF, when in actuality half that basket is just green grass that’s going to end up all over the house.

Egg Hunts

Every kid loves an egg hunt. In fact we occasionally have an egg hunt in our home for our daycare. One of the cute preschoolers in my daycare loves Easter so much she talks about Easter all year long.

But to truly be successful for an actual egg hunt at a church or park you need to be a bit aggressive and tactical. You have to fight your way through the grass like a Black Friday shopper!

So if you are just a easy going, laid back kid, you will get beat out every year.

Chocolate Bunnies


I loved the chocolate bunny, and his Cadbury Eggs! I would always start with an ear. Some years the Easter Bunny would bring me a solid chocolate bunny which was very nice and some years he was kind of cheap(hollow bunny).

I Guess Easter Is Ok

Reflecting on my childhood memories of Easter this morning, I guess I do have some fun and happy memories of Easter with my family. So regardless of how many dozen eggs you boil, or that your kitchen counter is now stained in a rainbow of different colors, your making some fun family memories. And who doesn’t love eating hard boiled eggs for a week straight!

Thanks for reading my thoughts on Easter and showing interest in our family blog.

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  1. The commercialism of Easter is really crazy isn’t it. Easter eggs were already out for sale the day after Valentine’s in the UK.

    We always make chocolate Easter nests with shredded wheat and chocolate and fill them with Cadburys mini eggs!


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