My Son Is Obsessed With Godzilla

Godzilla is alive and well in our living room 7 days a week.

It was his 8th birthday yesterday and although many things have changed in the last year, one thing has not. My son still has an obsession with Godzilla, starting when he was about 4 years old. I, myself had never even seen a Godzilla movie up to that point so Im not even sure where his obsession started.

Since then each and every Christmas and birthday has been filled with Godzilla STUFF. We have action figures(one that stands 3 ft tall), stuffed animals, movies, stickers on our Yukon, clothing and even dinosaur gear as long as the Trex somewhat resembles Godzilla. One time he even ordered a $600 collectable Godzilla shelf off Amazon, luckily the seller agreed to let me cancel the order. If you happen to be shopping for Jayden, he isn’t one of those people that you just don’t know what they’re into, you KNOW.

Since this obsession took off, I have had to privilege of watching every Godzilla movie ever made, to my knowledge. Some movies are older than myself, dating all the way back to the first Godzilla movie in 1954 that was made in Japan. Personally I prefer the newer versions but if you enjoy horrible acting and bad subtitles, this movie will not disappoint! We’ve watched it many times.

The first thing I learned about Godzilla, there are many different versions Shin Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Ice Godzilla it goes on and on I had no clue. Jayden has really gotten his art down as well. We have drawings of him on the fridge and all over in him bedroom. He also loves to ask Alexa to play Godzilla from Blue Oyster Cult, his favorite song, of course.

Just as Im not sure where this obsession came from, I have no clue when it will fizzle out. It no longer bothers me that he has this quirky addiction, it is just a part of Jayden. I hope he always loves Godzilla…


This fella goes with us everywhere and we’ve had to buy it more than once. 

Thanks for reading about our quirky family and showing an interest in our family blog.

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  1. Parenting must require so much patience! I’d definitely try to get him more into nature & the world around him (so he doesn’t grow up to be an adult figure collector lolol)

    • Thanks for reading! And boy does it ever! Haha 🤣 We are camping almost every weekend starting today till about October. I actually did resist the obsession for probably the whole first year.
      My son has a developmental disability that makes these types of obsessions fairly common. Now I just try to support him. 😊 He may very well end up an action figure collecting adult! Lol

      • Maybe if you stop feeding into it he’ll get interested in other things? Idk much about child development but I can imagine it gets hard to keep your sanity haha.
        Is your family vegan?

      • How awesome!!
        Have you experienced any backlash from family or friends about vegan children?
        I don’t plan to give birth but I do look forward to potential adoption and the idea of teaching children about ethics/compassion warms my heart so much

      • My kids aren’t entirely vegan, they are mostly vegetarian. Backlash? No, but my family does think we are strange. Whether that has to do with being vegan or not… hard to say. 🤪 Adoption sounds wonderful! 👍🏻

  2. My little boy is 7 and he has Autism, so obsessions are very common and last a long time. He is currently obsessed with sea creatures and dinosaurs. Before that it was Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s starting to show an interest in the Marvel characters too!

    It’s actually quite nice that the obsessions last so long as you don’t end up buying things for them which end up collecting dust in a corner a week later.


    • Thank you for sharing that! 😊Yes, a lot of my son’s symptoms are similar to being on the Autism spectrum.
      We have a Thomas train set table set up in our daycare room. The kids in our daycare love it. Very popular!
      I’ve learned to embrace the obsessions! 😁

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading and sharing your comment. I will definitely check that out when I get a chance to read later today… I’m very curious, as it seems like such an unlikely obsession nowadays… haha😊🤣

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my son!!!! My son is nearly 7 and asd (close to being diagnosed officially) and he’s is so so obsessed with Godzilla! Knows every year that every film came out and what types of roars they have. This is crazy!!!

    • Wow, yes, Jayden has many symptoms of autism but he suffered a brain injury after birth. That is crazy your son is into Godzilla too! Jayden has been into it for about 6 years now. And what’s funny is i don’t even know how he came across Godzilla, since I’d never seen a movie before he showed me. Lol 😆

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