Spring Break In Sunriver, Day 2

Our First Full Day

We started our morning at 5 am, Ryan and I got in a few hours of reading before heading into Sunriver for coffee and pastries with the boys to #Brewed-awakenings.

High Desert Museum

Finally ready to start our day we headed North on Hwy 97 toward The High Desert Museum.

It was a bit chilly but we had a great time walking through the museum. They had a fun combination of nature, wildlife, and American history exhibits.


We were able to see porcupines, bobcats, owls, eagles, snakes, river otters and turtles. We were hoping to see some bats, but we didn’t. Many of the animals on display were rescued and unable to return to the wild. A few of the birds of prey we saw had suffered permanent damage to their wings.

The river otter area was really cool! This was everyone’s favorite. You could see inside their den and also their outer pool area.

We met a homesteading family, “The Miller’s” that was reenacting homesteading during spring break. The father was starting a fire in the cabin stove and he showed us how they stored food, managed the land and how five children slept in the loft of the small cabin.

They had a balanced amount of indoor and outdoor space which was nice given how wound up the boys were today. At times I felt like the boys were more interested in playing in the snow then anything we actually came to see. (Boys… smh)

Behind the museum was the outdoor half mile loop to visit the otter’s area, birds of prey, the mill and homesteading farm.

Sunriver Brewery

After the museum we headed back to Sunriver for a cold IPA and a walk through the toy store. This brewery has one of my favorite hoppy IPA’s, the Vicious Mosquito! The day so far has been a success. And if we can leave a lunch or dinner out without a spilled drink, that’s a good day! Even when the kids have lids, somehow they manage to spill my own! But hey, it’s all part of the experience.

Back At Camp


Back in the campground Ryan gets a fire going and we meet some neighbor campers. Looking forward to watching the Women’s Duck Basketball Game in an hour(elite 8).

Tomorrow is looking to be a bit warmer, so we’re heading to the community pool, the SHARC!

Thanks for reading about our spring break, and showing interest in our family blog.

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