We Finally Made It To Sunriver

Day 1

Thankfully we finally we’re able to head over the mountains. The pass wasn’t too bad midday it was high 20’s and mostly just wet roads. There’s patchy snow on the ground and it’s lightly snowing here at our cabin. We are sooo happy to be here again. We haven’t been in Sunriver since we tried to spend Labor Day here last year but had to turn around once we got here because of the wildfires in the area.

Once we got here we took a walk through the outdoor mall area in Sunriver, picked up a few items we needed at the country store and headed back to our cabin. We’re staying in a Getaway Cabin in the Thousand Trails here in Sunriver. It is a membership park and my absolute favorite one! On the way back from the country store we spotted a coyote in the field behind the Little Deschutes River. I wish we could have pulled over to get a picture.

The kids have been a bit on edge since we got here. It was a long drive and they want to do everything fun all in the first day. Hoping tomorrow will be lots of fun for them. I am hoping to go to The High Desert Museum Monday.


Let me introduce our two furry family members; Coco is our Lab-Bordercollie mix and our Yorkie- Dachshund mix, is Rio. They love to go camping with us, but Coco has a tendency to be a bit more anxious away from home. She’s always watching over us.


Monday morning we saw these four elk on our way to the coffee shop. By the time we pulled over and I ran out there, they were well on their way. But still very exciting to see. Hoping to see many more animals this week.

The wifi options here are sketchy at best for uploading photos, so I don’t know how often I will be posting over here or reading as it doesn’t really want to open things right away.


We are on our way out of the coffee shop and on to our next adventure…

Thanks for reading our post and showing interest in our family blog.

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  1. Sounds like you have lots of fun on your adventures. I’ve never gone camping before, but it’s definitely on my to-do list! Your dogs are adorable!

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