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Anyone that knows Jayden knows knows he is incredibly unique and overflowing with life. He has a real sweet and goofy personality that makes him very likable. He’s also quite the dancer.

As an infant he suffered a brain injury and now lives with the symptoms of TBI(traumatic brain injury). It’s not an easy topic for me to write about as his mom, but I’ve gotten better about opening up.


2017 at the SHARC

Living With His Symptoms

Jayden lives with symptoms of ADHD, absence seizures, loud outbursts, a language processing disorder and many other symptoms that fall under the autism spectrum.

As hard as it is for Jayden, it is also a hat we all wear that we cannot take off. Whether on vacation or at home we are constantly managing his needs and juggling behavior issues.

Keeping Jayden On A Schedule

A normal day for Jayden looks like the followings:

  • Getting ready for school. This takes lots of reminders and help to keep him on task.
  • He rides the bus that picks him up at our home, taking him to his inclusive classroom.
  • His day at school is spent in the same class he’s been in for the last 2 years with the same 8- 10 kids. They use lots of visual aids and it’s very routine so he can anticipate his day.

Its really awesome to see him learning so much with the right support! For any parents struggling with your child’s education, speak up and be active. The year it took me to get Jayden in his inclusive class was one of my most stressful years, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. But it was so worth it for him. He is actually starting to read! Which is incredible!

Looking back at his kindergarten experience in a general classroom, he couldn’t even identify one letter by the end of the year and was being sent to the office for behavior issues. Now when I go to his conferences the teacher says, “If we needed to write behavior goals for Jayden, I wouldn’t even know what that would be.”

Back to his day…

  • After school he comes home on the same bus to have a support person waiting for him

They help him with routines and community involvement. Jayden really struggles with understanding friendships, yet is so excited to make a new friend. His support person will be with us till around 7 or 8 pm most weekdays. This is a typical day for Jayden.


2017 Halloween Joey and Jayden

Forward To Vacation

On vacation it’s so nice to get away from home and work, but we do miss the extra support. For Jayden as much as he loves vacation he gets overloaded with a lack of routine and not being able to relate to time. So we try to make a calendar and schedule for him to follow and ease his anxiety.

This week it’s been a continual, “is it Easter today, when are we going to the pool?” These types of thoughts constantly are rolling around in his brain when anything in our schedule changes, even fun things like vacation.

So here we are on vacation, and we’re having a great family time. It only occurred to me this morning that maybe by sharing some of our family struggles, even on vacation, that we might help someone or possibly make a connection with a family dealing with similar issues.

We’re off now to look for more elk!

Thanks for reading and showing interest in our family blog. If this post interest you see our previous post on Deschooling.

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