Bit By A Vicious Mosquito (IPA)


Where does an otter keep his money?.… 💰 the river bank.

Nature Center Walk Around The Pond

Every year we take this walk around the pond behind the Nature Center. This year we got super lucky and spotted a family of river otters. I think a few ducks got too close to their den because at one point we heard crazy animal noises coming from the tall grass. They were noises we’ve never heard before and cat tails flapping every which way! It was very entertaining!

In the Nature Center the boys love to dig in and explore the hands on displays of furs, various bird eggs, wingspans of birds in the area. We always check out the critters on display as well; lizards, snakes, salamanders and scorpions to name a few.

Bike Riding Through The Sunriver Trails

After the nature walk we rented a few bikes and took to the trails of Sunriver. This is one of my favorite things to do of all time. I love the Deschutes River, the stables, the marina, and the smell of  Juniper, Sage and the pine trees.

I forgot(like usual) to bring apples, luckily another mom had my back and offered us some to feed the horses.

The boys were a bit afraid at first but then they got the hang of it. These horses were super sweet!

We had a picnic along the Deschutes River.


After a successful day in the sun, we’re sitting on the front porch sipping on a couple of Vicious Mosquitos from Sunriver Brewery.

Thanks for reading our post and showing interest in our family blog.

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