10 Things I Miss Most When Traveling

  1. My bed. E124A4B7-60A1-4A41-8118-6FE582F30539I always, always, always miss our bed when we travel, don’t you? (Maybe this means I’m getting old). We have an old king frame and mattress with a memory foam pad on top. It’s nothing fancy, but boy is it cozy.
  2. My shower. I’m 5’10 and I like the height of the shower head to be taller then I am. It should be a standard thing, the height of a shower head, but it’s not. Sometimes traveling I feel like the shower head is for someone that’s 5’6 and I sort of have to squat down in the shower to rinse my hair. My other issue is water pressure. Sometimes I’ve stayed in places where the water literally trickle out. You can hardly rinse the soap off your skin let alone get it out of your hair.
  3. My tv. I don’t watch tv often, but I do love it just the same. I feel a bit guilty for saying it. I usually always prefer to be writing or reading, but when I’m exhausted from unpacking, I just want to zone out. I love it.
  4. WiFi. I love it and hate it at the same time. I love disconnecting from the world, but we all have our online fixes.
  5. My grocery store. I like being able to go and get my usual things and also know where to find them. When we’re traveling everything costs so much more and that’s if we can find what we want.
  6. My backyard. It’s just about time to plant my garden again, and once it’s planted it is my favorite place to be. Hopefully everything survived the winter.
  7. Mom and Dad alone time. We love family trips, but usually we are sleeping in super close quarters like a small hotel room or our tent trailer, with both boys and 2 doggies. I miss our time.
  8. My comfy chair. Whether we’re camping or in a hotel, not many chairs can compete with our reclining couch. I’m pretty sure this ages me too. Again, it’s not expensive or in that great of shape, it’s just my cozy spot.  
  9. My favorite mug. Does anyone have one special coffee mug you use every single day? Maybe I’m weird about this one…
  10. Familiarity. Their is just something to be said for being in your own dirt. Feeling at home. 🏡 Even the dogs are more at ease, being home after a week away.


Thanks for reading my top 10 list and showing interest in our family blog. Share with us what things you miss most when traveling. If you’d like to see more of my quirky lists click here.

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  1. As daft as it sounds, I miss my kitchen! I love my kitchen, even if I go to stay with my dad or friends- it’s just not the same not having my own tools etc!
    I absolutely have my special mugs too, 1 for tea and 1 for coffee. Then there are all my books etc.. I love going away but oh how I love coming home too!

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