Bend, Oregon

Last Fun Day On Vacation

What is my husband’s idea of a balanced diet?…a beer in each hand.

We packed in as much fun as possible today before it’s time to say goodbye to spring break. We walked along the Little Deschutes River Trail in search of the elk we’ve seen a few of the mornings(no luck).


We stopped for coffee at Brewed Awakenings, our favorite coffee shop. The boys are real troopers with their morning people  parents. We drag them here every morning before 8, with the promise of donuts.

Like every other morning with our coffee in hand we head out toward the airport to loop around the area for wildlife. Ryan spotted our second coyote of the week. This one was way across the river so we took turns with our one pair of binoculars. Still a fun sight!

Then we went in to Bend to eat lunch at 10 Barrel Brewing. Tried their sampler and found one I really liked, it was Goggle Tan, an India Red Ale. I can’t even describe it other then it being a great red ale. If you like Ninkasi’s Dawn of the Red, you’d love Goggle Tan.


We weren’t sure what to expect coming here, some breweries have just teensy tasting rooms and others are massive. Ten Barrel reminded me of Eugene’s Hop Valley Brewery. It was more trendy than I had expected but still unique with a few vegan options. We would come here again, we definitely love breweries with outdoor seating. We give #10barrelbrewing a Cole Thumb’s Up! 👍🏻


Eager to check out their tasting room, next stop was Boneyard Brewery. We were disappointed to find the tasting room incredibly small(no place to even sit down) in a little corner of a warehouse located in industrial part of town. Even though we wouldn’t recommend the tasting room, they still make a solid IPA. .


Next we stopped at McKay Park in Bend to watch surfers in the river, riding the white water waves. I thought cold water surfing on the Oregon Coast was frigid, which is usually between 49’  and 57’. The Deschutes is about 48’. I know they all wore wet suits, but it just seemed wrong to see them swimming this high desert river in March.

Back at camp Ryan and I took a walk by the river again while the boys played with friends they’ve made in camp. Bike riding and playing hide-and-seek till the sun went down.

Thank you to our followers for reading and showing interest in our family blog. 🙏

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  1. We have been going to the Bend Area for over 30yrs & Sun River TT Park for 12yrs. We never run out of things to do. We love to kayak/canoe, fly fish, mountain bike, hike, take scenic side trips, explore Bend & Sisters, Smith Rock State Park, etc, etc, etc. We still haven’t seen it all… You’ve just scratched the surface…

    • Wow! Thanks for messaging us. Sounds like we have a lot of similar interests! Your right about the area just having so many fun places to explore! We feel the same way. We are hoping to make it back for Memorial Weekend. Where is your family from? 😊

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