Binge On Some YOU Time 10 Ideas For Making It Happen

Binge On Some You Time

I am so guilty of not doing this, you could say that this is a top 10 list for my current, future and past self. Slow down, and binge on some alone time! I never get to hang out with you anymore. Your super fun to be with and you always make me laugh(I do laugh at myself often), you really just get me.

When I am alone, which isn’t often, that’s when I get my best ideas. Maybe your like me and your best ideas come to you when your on the treadmill, in the shower, or in the car. That’s what happened with this blog.  On the way home from an appointment today, a little voice said, “we never do this anymore, I miss you.” and I came home and got started.


So here you go… 10 Ways to Carve Out Your Alone Time!

  1. Make Yourself A Priority. As a mom, we measure our worth by the day to day successes of our family. Are the kids doing well in school? Is our marriage working? Is the laundry under control? Is there anything in the fridge that’s starting to resemble a science experiment? We need to be on our own radar too. Are we overloaded? When was the last time we had some time alone? –No, the bathroom doesn’t count.🤔
  2. Don’t Over Commit Your Time. I think it’s just in our nature as mothers to be overachievers when it comes to our family. We want to help out at work, at our kid’s school, we want to be a support to friends and family and have our home in perfect shape for when company stops by. I say, Just say no! Don’t over extend yourself.
  3. Be Intentional With What Gets Your Attention. I find myself doing this all the time, I get the house to myself for 30 minutes and instead of doing something for me, I start cleaning and putting backpacks away and sorting the mail. Another thing that sucks up my time but doesn’t enhance my life is social media, it zaps it in a hurry. So try to be a bit stingy with your alone time, and make it count.
  4. Be Vocal With Family And Friends About Your NeedsI can usually tell when Ryan needs to have a break to go surfing for half the day. But I am not always as tuned in to myself. A few months ago Ryan decided that every Tuesday is “boys night out.” Ryan and the 2 boys go out for pizza and give me some alone time. I can’t tell you how amazing this time is each week.
  5. Delegate Chores And ErrandsLetting go of some control in the household can free up a lot of time. Maybe the towels won’t get folded the cute way that only you know how, or someone(dad) bought tomato soup at the store instead of tomato sauce. 😳No biggy. If it frees up some of your precious time, its worth it.
  6. Don’t Sacrifice Your Time. If it is your night for yourself, don’t give it up to grocery shop or spend time on a project for work. Your momma time should be non-negotiable!
  7. Be Creative With Carving Out Your TimeAt our house our best part of the day is when we first wake up. Ryan and I start our morning somedays before 4 am. This is our special time. We read, share stories and sip on a pot of coffee together, and this makes us happy. I’m not saying you should wake up at 4 am, but find whatever time works for you, find a way to fit it in.
  8. Don’t Let Yourself Feel Guilty. I was just talking to a daycare mother tonight at the end of the day. She was going to go out with some friends after work and then she said it, “I don’t know if I should go, I feel guilty for leaving after I’ve been working all day.” 🙄I do this same thing too, we put everyone before ourselves. I hope I talked her out of feeling guilty. 🙂 We all need to have our fun time, it helps us to be better parents when we can find time to decompress.
  9. Pamper Yourself Once In A While. I always feel like I shouldn’t be spending money on myself when one of the boys could use basketball shoes, or some new school clothes. But the reality is, when I do take the time and money to pamper myself, I feel like one hot momma, with an extra bounce in my step! This is good news for everyone.😎 Just like the old saying, If Mom’s happy…everyone’s happy. 
  10. Make It A Routine And Keep It. Whatever schedule works for your family to allow you some mom time, try to stick with it, and don’t let it slide off the calendar. As parents we want our children to grow up and learn how to manage their own needs too, right? What a better way to help them learn then by modeling that self-love behavior for them.


Have a great night everyone! Thanks for reading! “Boys night out” should be ending soon… just in time. 🤣🍷


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  1. This is really great advice. I began practicing many of these things when my children were young and I have never regretted it. I always say that one of the smallest words in the English language is also the most powerful. It is the word NO. Learn to use it wisely. Most women don’t but it can change your world. 🙂

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