Devil’s Churn

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Devil’s Churn on the Oregon Coast is a few miles south of Yachats, Oregon. This area is located within the Cape Perpetua Visiting Area. There is a visitor’s center with some fun trails to explore. The feature photo shows what was formed over thousands of years of wave activity. When the waves are rocking along the coastline, spray can shoot hundreds of feet in the area. It is a spectacular sight, and a dangerous one.


The Spouting Horn of Depoe Bay, just North of Newport gives another amazing display of power as waves will shoot through a rock tube when the tide are currents are optimal. The spray can easily shoot 30 to 40 feet in the air, finding it’s way across the highway. Massive sprays when it’s stormy are like fireworks on the fourth of July. Im full of ewww’s .. and awe’s ..!IMG_1749

This photo was taken by my mom at Shores Acres State Park.

Our family loves spending time along the Oregon Coast and from about April to October we will be camping up and down the coastline, Ryan surfing whenever he gets the chance while I watch for wildlife, especially the Gray Whales. If you’d like to read some of our trips here is a link to our Oregon Coast Page.

Thanks for reading, and happy Hump Day!

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