Feeling Under The Weather

Here it is a few weeks into spring, and both of us are on the couch with a head cold.🤒 I am hoping we will feel better before the weekend, but in Eugene it is just going to rain, anyway. Dang it!

Every spring I get so excited for the longer days and warmer weather.. and every year these April showers just kill me!🌧

I guess this is a good time of the year to focus on blogging, reading, watching some sports, and catching up on your favorite Netflix show. For me, that means season 2 of The Santa Clarita Diet. Do any of you watch this show?


I have asked my adult children and younger daycare families if they like it, but I am starting to think it appeals to only middle aged couples…maybe even just super quirky, middle-aged couples, like Ryan and I? Not sure… Either way, I am obsessed with it. Season 2 just came out the last week of March. While Ryan and I are sick on the couch this weekend, watching the rain fall, we will binge on season 2!

Ryan will also be watching golf, now that college basketball is over. One sport ends and the next one begins here… Apparently it is the weekend of the Master’s. It means very little to me other than golf will be on our tv both days.


At least tomorrow is still Friday! For Ryan and I that is good news, it also means for our daycare that it is sharing day, pancakes for breakfast and finger painting! 🥞 Yay!


I wish you all a great Friday tomorrow and a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi.. I was just directed to your blog from The AverageAspirant top 10 shout outs.
    Love the first post and plan to read more.
    Thats awesome that you are into The Santa Clarita Diet, I was going to watch that but gor redirected to Ash vs The Evil Dead.
    Great article and Ill sign up to Follow

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