Happy Friday Bloggers…

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend. I wish I could say we do, but that is just not the case. At least not the fun we want to be having. It is one more weekend at home and it is driving me insane!🤯

As you can see from our odd blog topics this week(recipes and old movie lists). I don’t have any adventures to share. And worse even, we are sitting around eating and watching movies, not good! 🤣I am waiting on our weatherman, Dave(Crazy Dave) to tell us its time to go outside and play!

This weekend will be us completing out 2017 taxes, possibly finding a new show on Netflix to follow as we have finished season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet.

We do have a date tonight and will go out for a beer. We will be going out for our Saturday family lunch, which usually includes a trip to the library, while our boys most likely complain.🙄

Jayden will want to check out the Godzilla movies and Joey will want to be left at a table with his laptop only to complain again once it’s time to leave. Haha

Ryan will go search the surfing section and I usually hit the “lucky day” section to see if there’s a good one waiting for me.

Ryan is considering brewing his first batch of beer for the year on Saturday which is always a fun project. You can smell the hops cooking in our yard for a block away.

We used to cook in the house, but the kids would freak out over the smell.😝 Even in the yard it is a pretty potent smell. That might be our next post. When we make the trip to the Home Fermenter Store I always get a kombucha kit too. It gives me a project too.

This will be our last weekend home for a while. Can’t wait to start camping…

The feature photo is another one of my mother’s photos. I think it’s just amazing! Thanks for reading, and showing interest in our family blog.






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  1. I’m getting the itch to do something also. If we finally have some warm weather, I’d like to get up to Cougar Hot Springs. What is your family planning for?

    • That sounds awesome, Ryan wants to take us up to Umpqua Hot Springs, have you been there? I haven’t… He was looking it up earlier today..
      Here is a post I wrote a week ago about our summer plans,
      Next weekend we had plans to go to Pacific a city for a Blues festival, but we’re going camping at Belknap Hot Springs instead. Lol
      After looking at the schedule for the Birding and Blues festival in Pacific City. They only have one blues band playing. So we cancelled that. What about you? Do you like Belknap?

      • My friend and I went to Belknap a few years ago, but I think I was expecting something more like Cougar with rock pools. However, Belknap is way more family friendly with its resort like atmosphere. I’m sure it will be a great time!

      • They actually have a lot of options. They have lodge rooms, houses and cabins to rent and 2 campgrounds. We’re just going to camp along the river. For Friday and Saturday night it is about $75, and that includes the use of the hot springs. It makes for a relaxing weekend. You might like it!

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