5 Things I Like About Myself

Afternoon bloggers,

An awesome blog I follow(A guy called Bloke) has tagged me with this friendly post, and here are the rules…

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List 5 things you like about yourself,
1 thing must be a physical attribute
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  • 5 Things I like about myself:
    This might be easier for Ryan to list 5 pleasant things(I’d hope), but here goes…
    1] I like my sense of humor. I always manage to entertain at least myself with my quirky, random thoughts. Even if I’m the only one entertained..
    2] I love my homemade soups, quite proud of them actually. 🍲
    3] I am one badass at scrabble. 😎It may be that I’ve just never played anyone that’s actually decent, but I’m sticking to this claim anyway.
    4] I am proud that everyone says I look like my mother. When I was younger I hated this, but now I’m proud of it, after all… I think my mom is very beautiful.(Love you mom).
    5] I think I am a somewhat good mother. My kids might disagree, I’m sure they all have a separate list of all my flaws. But my reasoning behind this claim is that I have 4 amazing kids, so I must be good at some part of the parenting process.

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Thanks for the tag aguycalledbloke…

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Yolo!🤪


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  1. Hey, thanks. It’s taking ages to board so I had a quick scan. Flying back to the UK from Spain so will have a think about this while we’re up in the air.

  2. Thanks for the compliment 😀
    I’m sure your kids think you are awesome, even if they don’t say anything about it 😉

    I’ll get to thinking, will post my list as soon as I figure out my five!

  3. Lana, all 4 of your children are awesome. You have so many talents and I would like to mention just a couple. I am most proud of your for being the best mother for your 4boys. You have adapted your parenting skills to each sons individual personality. I also appreciate how you spend your luxury time with your love ones! You are also a excellent cook. I am so amazed at how you are able to accomplish all your goals while making your family your first priority! Love you.

    I’am pleased that you really do think we look related and thank you for the lovely compliment. Dad and I are so proud of you and all your accomplishments!

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