Pack Your Bags, Baby!

Friday morning when I posted last, I didn’t have much hope for fun this weekend. I was expecting a Friday after work beer, lunch Saturday at the Beergarden, and to possibly brew some beer with Ryan, and get some new library books and work on our preschool  curriculum. Oh boy!

Then Friday afternoon our best plans fell through when our Friday night babysitter cancelled.😳 That meant we couldn’t even have a Friday night beer after work.😲This was an emergency a bit of a disappointment, and now we had to somehow tweak our plans to save the day.

We thought about it for an hour, and then made a crazy, last minute decision to just pack our crap and head to the beach(despite the rain). We at times are fairly impulsive, and what I really mean here is we are really irresponsible(YOLO!). 🌧

Skip ahead to Saturday morning  at 7 am and here we are ordering cinnamon rolls and coffee in the Stimulus Coffee Shop in Pacific City, more than 2 hours from home.

I do love this coffee shop. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of comfy chairs(a plus for me), and it’s a bit chilly in here this morning, the view is still amazing. Just across the street is Haystack Rock and Pelican Brewery. The view is so iconic, I could simply stare at this view all day. The only thing to keep me from doing just that? kids. 🤪 Can we go now pleeease?



Ryan is the news guy, always reading the paper. I’m more of an escape person, avoid the news at all costs. Nothing beats a good 📚 book…      (or blog)

We are staying at the Thousand Trails Campground just outside of Pacific City. You can’t beat their cheap getaway cabins when it’s too wet for our tent trailer. Plus they have an indoor pool we will probably check out later today.

When the weather is decent it’s an amazing view. But today it is anything but decent. Everything is wet with fairly gusty winds! It’s an adventure… 🤪This is a good cabin to stay in when you just need to relax. Bring a few good books and sit on the back deck or watch it storm from inside.

I’ll take some more photos today, for now the boys are begging to leave the coffee shop, and head back to the cabin.

Thanks for reading our Saturday morning post and showing interest in our family blog.

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