There Is Never Enough Weekend

But we don’t want to go home… -says everyone in the car. 🚙 

Their is never enough weekend, for all the fun we want to have. We had a great little trip to the beach though, and now it’s time to head home to our doggies and get ready for the week.

Despite the wet and rainy weather, we managed to find some calm and dry patches where we all got to get a little sandy and enjoy being outdoors.

We were entertained by the bunnies and deer that always seem to be in Pacific City. I’m always on the lookout for bears, but none to report. 😬

Some of our weekends away, I find the boys can’t seem to stop arguing with each other, or complaining about anything they can dream up.😳

But this weekend was different, it was actually quite pleasant. We had fun conversation, laughed often and the boys didn’t even seem to mind us waking them up before 7am to hit the coffee shop for cinnamon rolls and WiFi.

They are getting older, and as nice as that sounds, it made me realize we are only a few years from the boys not wanting to go camping with Ryan and I anymore. But I’m not going to think about this now…

I am hopeful that it is going to be an amazing summer full of weekend trips and memories we will all remember. Thanks for reading about our weekend in Pacific City, and showing interest in our family blog. ✌🏻

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