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With taxes due this week my thoughts have been focused around money more than usual. Not on taxes specifically but on the idea that we’re supposed to always be in pursuit of  more money. Having a bigger home, newer car, furniture and more elaborate vacations.

This doesn’t make me happy, quite the opposite, it makes me wore out. I don’t want to work more, I want to work less. Even achieving more stuff and a bigger home to store your stuff seems exhausting to me. It seems this is just the way it is. It is the way most people live their life; credit scores, mortgages and keeping up with the Joneses.

Ryan and I were on this track when we were in our 20’s in our first marriage. We had the  mortgages and we had dollar signs in our eyes for the future, and then it all fell apart by our 30’s. Going through our 30’s was a struggle for the both of us and it undoubtedly changed our perspective on life.

What I want to model for my children isn’t to have more things, it’s to live with less. The times in my life when I have been tight on money and I’ve really struggled, are the times that Ive appreciated what I had more than any other time. And just the opposite is true too, when I’ve had plenty of money rolling in, I didn’t appreciate what I had at all. Plus  working so damn hard who can pay attention to any of it?

We are guilty of this ourselves. When Ryan and I first got out daycare business going strong we wanted to increase our business income enough to repair the damage that came to us in our 30’s. Our efforts to repair our credit got us back on the mouse wheel of more money.


We considered employees to allow us more time for ourselves, housekeepers to lighten our load and ordered more things from Amazon than not! All of these things did not make our life better or easier(Except I do still love Amazon), just the contrary it made life more complicated.

Having employees created more paperwork, scheduling, and planning. Initially I thought I would find someone that I could trust enough to have them substitute for us, but that never happened. I know for many small businesses this works just fine, it just didn’t fit for us.

I didn’t anticipate that it would be so hard for us to find the right person. For some reason I wasn’t thinking of an employee calling in sick occasionally, needing to change their schedule or eventually moving on which starts the whole hiring process again.


I love teaching preschool and working with families. I was hoping to just afford Ryan and I some time away from the house during our 50 hour work week. But what I found was that it only created more work for me in the long run and it wasn’t worth it. Plus if your anything like us, when you make more money your standard of living goes up too.

When you forward to tax time, and were sending in our check for income tax, I am thinking about how we got off course to what Ryan and I really believe in, this past year. Ditching the mouse wheel makes more time for the simpler things in life that make us happy.

I want to focus on a simpler life all around. I want to be a great daycare provider to a smaller group of children, without employees. I want to give Ryan the time to go surfing, take my time for myself, spend more time with our children and on the house. I want to stop the race to that magical credit score for more stuff.

Working like we’ve been isn’t good for our health, I know my body has suffered from the stress. If you can relate to the way Ryan and I have been struggling with our financial direction, maybe you can question things in your life too. How hard are you willing to work and what are you willing to spend your money on?

Thanks for reading my thoughts on money and showing an interest in our family blog. ✌🏻

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  1. This is a great post. I think more and more people are catching on and looking to get out of the rat race. I’ve told my daughters about debt “if you owe them, they own you.” Debt will control your life! 3 years ago my husband left the rat race and our income went from around $100,000 year to about $20,000. We are happier, healthier and doing fine living within our means. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I wasn’t sure what anyone would think of my post.. but that’s exactly what we want to do. Live on less and have more time. 😁

  2. It such an easy race to get caught up in. And many times it seems as though everyone around you is in it too. Living on less to have more time and more quality time at that…

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