A Day In My Life

Last night while I was searching for new blogs to follow I came across a great post called, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas. For anyone struggling with writing, check out this post, New Lune has some great ideas. You can find the blog here, New Lune.

And that is where I got the idea to post A Day In My Life.

Here goes…

As you all know Ryan and I are morning people waking up usually by 4 am to carve out our quiet time. This morning I didn’t wake up until about 4:30. Ryan had already made a pot of coffee and was reading the newspaper in his chair. I struggle with a lot of chronic pain which most mornings wakes me up first, but not today.


When we get up the dogs know it’s their time for a nice big bone to chew on. Coco is the sweetest Lab there is, but when it comes to her morning bone she is, well, a bitch (sorry Coco, but you know its true).

You can not leave the kitchen with your cup of coffee until you have went to the pantry for her bone. Rio(our 8 lb yorkie) goes along with this idea, for no other reason then she doesn’t really have any ideas of her own. She can’t wolf down a bone like her sister. So as routine as our morning coffee, once Coco finishes her bone she steals Rio’s.

This creates some heat in our living room and Rio makes the most ear piercing sounds at 4 am until either Ryan or myself sticks up for the little girl, making Coco give the bone back to Rio(we do this every morning, I kid you not).😳


After our morning coffee time, we both are getting ready for Tuesday’s daycare. At 6:45 I take our first no show text. One of the full time preschoolers will be staying home today, and that lightens our load.

Tuesday is oatmeal day which sounds a bit odd and boring, I know. I despise Tuesday’s and what is more bland or boring than oatmeal. So there you have it. Its a thing.

Ryan serves breakfast as children continue to roll in until about 8:30. Mornings bring lots of knocking to the front door. I am usually finalizing our lesson plan for the day, and taking care of administrative stuff, I also would like to point out that Ryan is a great greeter, compared to my less social ways.

Between 7:30 and 8:30 it is pretty busy at our house. This is also the time of day we have to get Jayden ready for his bus. Jayden needs lots of reminders and prompting to be ready by 8:15, and I usually breathe easier once he has gotten on the bus.

This morning we had an observation from the University of Oregon, a doctorate student working on a literacy and behavior program that our 5 star daycare is participating in. This week we are working on the letter P for the literacy unit.

During circle time we read  stories on Pout, Pout Fish and Peppa Pig, sang our songs, discussed the calendar and weather and then miss Hailey from the U of O went on her way. For anyone that has social anxiety, having someone observe my class was a bit unnerving. I am very relieved when it is over and have been wondering why exactly I agreed to do it.🤔

This takes us right into snack and morning recess. Boy do I love recess, not because I go out to play, but because I am not going out to play. This is Ryan’s domain, he goes outside. I would like to get him a polyester sweat outfit and whistle, or maybe some really short gym shorts. But I know he wouldn’t wear them.

I stay inside and clean up, do some paperwork and prep for lunch. Today happened to be PBJ, carrots and apple slices!

Have I put you all to sleep yet? This idea of a day in my life sounded a lot better than it actually reads. It is pretty boring stuff. So if you are still reading, I thank you for being so patient and kind.😴

This is basically what Ryan and I do every day. After lunch the U of O student comes back for one more observation as I lead a small group activity in our smaller room. We are pretending to have a Pizza Parlor. We have our cash register and phones out to take orders. We have our pizza and toppings out for making pizza, and then putting it in the oven to bake.

All of this play was centered around P words and encouraging conversation about words that start with the P sound. Pepperoni, Pineapple, Pizza, Peppers… Again I was a bit stressed for the observation but Hailey is really sweet and my only reason for having anxiety was in my head. The kids in our small group were awesome, I was really proud of them.

Once nap is over and we make it to 2 pm, we are ready for recess again and afternoon snack. This is when some parents start coming to pick up, so we keep an ear on the door.


March and April are quiet months for parents looking for new daycares and we have an opening or two that we’d like to fill, so I continue to post ads online when I have some time during the day.

By 5 pm our day is done. Tuesday is boys night out, yay!! So here I am sipping on a glass of wine 🍷 and typing out my day to you. But it is 6:30 and they will be back soon so I will wrap this up.

Thanks for reading A Day In My Life, and showing an interest in our family blog.

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  1. My goodness you have quite the full day!! I am always thankful for daycare providers so it was really interesting reading your perspective on running one! I love the day in the life of ideas. Also, Tuesday’s are my least favorite days. It’s just always a long day for whatever reason lol.

    Great post!!

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