Waiting On The Weekend, Again? Yep, again…

Taking the afternoon off away from our daycare and all things that go on inside the four walls of our home( it’s pretty busy in there).🤪 I am and will always enjoy being a home body during the week. I enjoy Ryan and I running our daycare together.

Yet there are times even for me, especially during the rainy, tax season where I just need to escape. Nothing specifically wrong just a lot of little things that overload me at times.

Tax season is one thing, it always weighs on me as it takes quite awhile to get everything ready for the families we’ve worked with. For some reason this year, almost all of my families have needed a detailed year end summary for the state. Each one of these has added about an hour of evening work for me.🤯

The other added stress, is having our daycare participate in the universities literacy program for the next few months. I actually do enjoy it, I feel like I’m learning several ways to incorporate early literacy activities into our program. But, still this requires me to be On! 


Why do I always over commit? Even when Ryan says, I don’t think you should do that. It’s too much… Nah… I got this. It’ll be fun!🤔

The Literacy Resource Program has training modules, observations, lesson plans and prep work that I wasn’t having to do before. Over the last few years I would just order a preassembled monthly curriculum to eliminate the planning and prepping. Wow, I was really smart. So again this adds to my weekly obligations.


I read through many of your inspiring quotes and posts that you all are so wonderful to share. It does help me to know that taxes, the rain and all this prep work is temporary!

I know very soon we will be having more days in the sun, blowing bubbles, playing in the water table with happy kiddos.This makes daycare really fun!  And for our family…will be camping and sitting by the campfire once again. Just not soon enough!


This weekend is much needed. Ryan and I were going to a Birding and Blues Festival but after we looked at the schedule of events we found that the one and only band was playing Saturday night at 8(not exactly a blues festival, if you ask me)..

So we changed it up, we are heading up to Belknap Hot Springs in our tent trailer to camp along the McKenzie River and enjoy the hot springs pools with NO CHILDREN!! Just the doggies. What!? Oh-Yeah!!

The other thing I am excited about, is the new book I am reading. I am sure you have all read this long ago, I am usually way behind on my reading list. But I just started Ready Player One. I just started it here at the bookstore before I put it down to write this blog, hahaha. I am going read it, really…

I hope you all are thinking of something fun and relaxing for your weekend plans. Especially if you’ve been stressed lately like myself. The forecast for Eugene, is going to be mid 60’s. That’s the best of the year so far.

Remember to take time for yourself, regardless of what your going through. I keep forgetting this one…Thanks for reading my post on family life and have a great night everyone!

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  1. Other than cleaning the house, we are finally expecting +14/16 C (57/60 F) weather. That means windows open, tee shirts and without wind possibly shorts too! Most excited and hopefully a little reading/writing time. Enjoy your weekend at the Hot Springs Child Free. Everyone needs that every once in a while. 🙂

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