If My Pets Were People…

This morning while I was watching our little yorkie(Rio) hop around pestering everyone with her huge personality. I had a thought…what if Rio was a person? As cute as she is at 8 pounds, I really wouldn’t like her much as a person. I know that sounds mean but here me out…

Do you ever stop to think what type of people your pets would be if they were human? Rio for example, would be the overly positive, cheery hugger type. She would always be spreading sunshine and nosing around, up in everyone’s business. She would undoubtedly invade my personal space at any chance she had and never stop talking. I would avoid her at all costs! 🤣

Coco on the other hand, her temperament would make a great best friend for me.💕 She is loyal, calm, you can just see it in her eyes that she’s a thinker and a protector, she’d probably have an amazing blog. She would give you your space when you needed it, and listen when you needed to talk.


Our cat Bob… I don’t know what nice things I can say about Bob. He’s very self directed, and just an all around ass at times. If he were a person I’d imagine him as the crotchety old neighbor that I loved to loathe.  We would secretly(or not so secretly) hate each other as neighbors. It’s the equivalent to an emotionally abusive relationship, without the honeymoon phase, just non stop abuse.

(I’d love to share a photo of Bob, but due to the circumstances of our relationship I don’t have one).

Thanks for reading my quirky thoughts, and showing an interest in our family blog.

Have a great FRIYAY Bloggers!!

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  1. Hahaha. We had a Yorkie some years ago as well. As a person he would have been arrogant, loud, bossy and demanding… but we did love him a lot as a fur friend.

      • Yes. Such short man syndrome???! Lol.
        My grandmother said we should have given ours a more humble name. We’d called him Samson. My friend who had one from the same litter named hers Zeus.. and he was an even bigger handful!

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