Guess What..It’s Camping Season Again! 🔥And We Are Happy Campers!


Finally!! We’re so excited to be away for the first weekend this year in our tent trailer. We are camping about 70 miles up the McKenzie Highway from Eugene, Oregon at Belknap Hot Springs, elevation 1700 feet. We are in the last site along the river, which is awesome, because we don’t have campers on both sides of us. Some sites aren’t very secluded here so I’m feeling lucky with our spot.

One thing I’m never prepared for is just how noisy the river is, when your camping right along the bank. I love it, but it’s definitey loud.

Last year we had to do some repairs on our tent trailer. We had to replace the whole electrical motherboard which was a bit costly. This is our first time camping since our repairs. We are happy to report that we have heat and lights!! Yay!😎

Its always a little awkward getting back into the routine of setting up our trailer and camp. It feels like we haven’t done this in forever! Last time camping was October 13th, 2017. I remember this trip because it SUCKED! We had no propane or electricity, and I am not that kind of camper that enjoys roughing it. I suppose I am more of a glamper. We like being able to charge are devices, listen to music and hang our flip flop camper lights.

It is really peaceful to be away with no children, and we didn’t even bring our doggies. I do miss them, but I am not going to let myself miss them too much, I know they are having lots of fun at home 🏡.


From Belknap’s campground about a 4 mile drive is McKenzie General Store which is one of our favorite stops for a cold IPA on their patio. We ate dinner here too, yummy 😋 tofu wraps and fries, while we watched Lebron lose to the Pacers. Damn it Lebron!


After we had dinner we went back to camp and got our suits on and went for a dip in the hot springs. Belkap’s Hot springs is famous for the super hot water temperatures rising up from beneath the earth. The water from the spring ranges from 185-195 degrees fahrenheit, and comes from the earth at about 60 gallons a minute. It’s definitely cooled down before it enters the pool on the Northwest side, but even so when the spring comes into the pool, it is REALLY HOT!😲

Although Belknap Resort is great for people watching the many hippies that gather here on the weekends, you won’t see any them running around naked like some of the hot springs found in Oregon. I am fine with this(as there are many people here I wouldn’t want to see naked), but Ryan, of course, wouldn’t mind.🙄

Next on our weekend plans, kick back all Saturday, reading, soaking in the hot springs, walking around the gardens and trails and I’m sure their will be some beer drinking in there somewhere..

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading, and showing interest in our family blog!

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