Walking The Trails & Soaking In The Hot Spring

Saturday morning we had our coffee and headed down the highway to Takoda’s Restaurant. In smaller towns, especially up in the mountains, Ryan and I always have a hard time finding vegan options. Sometimes I swear the waitress/waiters are lookin’ at us like we’re a couple of crazy hippies.🤪✌🏻

After breakfast we took a soak in the hot springs, then got ready for a walk across the river, along their several trails. For anyone with chronic pain, there is something to soaking in this hot, hot mineral water. I feel great today(is it the mineral water or is it the absence of children?🤔)!

Across the river from the lodge their are several trails up and down the river with 20 or so tent sites with foot access only. If we were younger we’d consider staying in a tent site, but we kind of dig my little trailer comforts.

The trail takes you over tiny creek bridges, past several pools and open meadows. Everything is so lush and green, with ferns and bamboo are everywhere. These gardens are sometimes used for wedding locations, I’m sure they’d make a great setting.

It is Sunday morning now and the end of our relaxing weekend away. We had an amazing campfire last night and one last soak in the hot springs. Friday night the firewood we had was all wet, which didn’t make for a very warm fire. But tonight we made sure to get some dry wood, and wow was our campfire toasty.

C0530B12-D554-4549-BBE3-9DBD569717AD.jpeg Usually on our weekends away we see a few critters, but this trip we haven’t seen anything except the few blue jays hangin’ out near our campsite.

It got pretty chilly last night and of course, wouldn’t you know it, we ran out of propane. Lol brrrrr😨 Not exactly a fun way to wake up when it’s 34 degrees outside his morning. Ryan says, it’s all part of the experience…🙄


This photo is my favorite from our walk along the trails. Time for us to pack up and head back home. We still have to decide where to go next weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for reading…✌🏻

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