A Day In The Life Of 2 Vegans

Ryan and I thought maybe it might be interesting (for some😬) to see what we eat in a typical day as a vegan couple. We have been eating a 🌱vegan diet, or mostly a Whole Foods plant based diet for a little over 2 years now.

Either way here you have it for Monday…

4:30 am Ryan and I shared a pot of black coffee(REALLY, really strong) ☕️ I won’t complain here and go into detail about Ryan’s brewing techniques because, well, I am still hoping for a cup tomorrow, so I will just say… it’s unique!🤫F5DE5E39-E2F5-4DF8-A240-B188CC6BBCD7

Our coffee goes well with the morning paper, my latest blogging posts to read up on, and our morning chat before the day gets rolling for us.

5:30 am Ryan( he’s so sweet) always makes us both a slice of peanut butter toast(I’ve tried to give this up, but it’s so yummy with my coffee). Ryan will actually slice up half a banana on his peanut butter toast.

7:30 am Lana  steaming hot bowl of homemade split pea soup.

A196123D-D75C-4840-86CE-AD32CE73F3A7 I usually go for whatever leftovers I can heat up. We also have some tomato lentil soup in the fridge, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

8:00 am Ryan  bean burrito 🌯 with greens and sriracha sauce and jalapeños( Ryan is sort of obsessed with jalapeños right now, I don’t know why) 🙄

10:00 am Lana banana and some grapes 🍇 with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter(I’m guilty of loving peanut butter, I can’t seem to stop). 😋 Some days I will take one of my low carb wraps, and make a burrito with peanut butter and a banana. This is really filling.

10:00 am Ryan apple 🍎 (plain, no peanut butter,kinda boring). 🤭

11:30 am Ryan  Baked fries, carrot sticks, strawberries and a handful of almonds133DB347-6FEF-411A-833F-EC3DD937282B

11:30 am Lana Baked fries(we served this for daycare, so it was hard to resist) carrot sticks, a burrito with a low carb wrap, greens and beans

2:00 pm Ryan veggie sandwich with hummus, sprouts, greens jalapeños and spicy mustard. I didn’t even know he had this amazing sandwich without me, 🤣I was taking books back to the library. 📚

2:30 pm Lana & Ryan Apple, with chips and bean dip

5:00 pm Off work, time for a glass of 🍷 wine for Lana and 🍺 IPA for Ryan! If beer wasn’t vegan I’m not sure what we would do.

This is typical of a day in our life of eating a vegan diet. Nothing too exciting, we thought this post could show that our diet neither expensive or complicated. We are not always 100% strict about it either. On occasion we will both make an exception for a cookie or muffin. We just try our best to stick to it.

Usually Ryan and I eat a lot of burritos, soups and stir fry, simple dishes that we can make a bunch of at the beginning of the week and keep reheating.


Thank for for checking out our post. What is your diet like? What are your go to meals for during the week?

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  1. Very interesting. One of my friends recently went vegan and I keep pestering her to find out how it’s going and what is she eating. Lol. I’ll send this to her too as she’s still working out what meals work best.

  2. I was vegan for a number of years – still use the cookbooks. Sundays I would cook for the week – curries, dahls, soups. Not too strict, but I did it for health reasons. Had to stop when I became too ill to cook – husband is definitely not vegan, lol.

    • It does take a bit of planning, doesn’t it. I’m sorry to hear that about becoming ill, it’s too bad your unable to cook. I would miss being creative with food.
      I enjoyed looking through some more of your posts, I sure loved your book list. The invention of wings and a man called ove are some of my favorites! 😊 I have on my to-be-read shelf, All the light we can not see… I need to just read the darn thing.

  3. Peanuts. Peanut butter. Peanut butter and bananas. Ok. All my food groups for meals are covered. Ice cream for dessert. Definitely blows the vegan thing.

    Love 💕 seeing PB&banana here. Really made me smile.

  4. Great read. I’m always intrigued to see what fellow vegans eat on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I’m eating way too much and spend a lot of the time hungry.
    I’ve recently introduced protein (soy) shakes into my breakfast as a way of getting more protein.
    I’m also trying my hardest to avoid the ben and jerries vegan range.

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