Repost: Nerdiness Is Next To Godliness

I’ve noticed occasionally bloggers will repost an older title, and so I thought of this post in particular. I wrote it about a week into my blog in the beginning of March.

It’s definitely my quirky nerdy side, but I really do like it, and I thought I would share it again since I only had a few followers at the time… 😊

Embrace Your Inner Nerd
I’m reading a good book on anti-gravity , I cant put it down.

Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am quite “nerdy.” I am always toting a book with me wherever I go, and usually a list for something. When I was a younger I tried to suppress my nerdiness. But one of the beautiful things about aging is learning to embrace who we truly are. “Hi-my name is Lana, and I am a nerd!”

No, I don’t wear pocket protectors or tape on the rim of my glasses, but I do laminate just about everything.

What does “nerdy” mean for me?

I read everyday(but never quite enough)
I own easily a dozen clipboards(for my lists)
I obsess about LISTS!
I love the library
I break out the highlighter when the park n rec guide comes in the mail
I wake up hours before even my parents(my time)
I love a good, old fashioned board game
Go To Bed Earlier 💤
Ryan and I are awake most days by 4 am, not to get ready for work, but to carve out time in our day for us. We can be found in our comfy chairs sipping coffee, Ryan with the paper and myself with a good book. We will read till 6 am each morning. This is our favorite time of our day! Time after 8 pm seems to get lost to social media, tv shows, prepping for the next day and fighting the kids over bedtime. If you can get yourself in bed earlier and have that time before everyone is awake, it’s amazing!

Make More Lists 📋
My obsession for lists goes beyond a grocery list or “to do” list, but I write those too. I will start with a New Year’s Resolution List. I write one out every year, noting major goals, trips to take, areas in my life for improvement and how many books I plan to read. Goodreads is a great app for setting a reading goal for the year, tracking what you’ve read, making a reading list, and reading reviews. To be extra nerdy, I laminate my resolutions(every nerd needs a laminator).

I am also big on lists for trips, not just packing and planning lists but also bucket trip lists. When we have a trip coming up Ryan and I will brainstorm all the amazing things we want to experience, even down to books to read. We will mark things off as we go, and also keep that list. This works great for when you hear, “we never do anything fun.” Break out the list so they can see it on paper, “yes we do!”

Check Out Your Library 📚
The library is one of my favorite resources and places to go. First of all, it’s free! I don’t think enough people utilize their library or a familiar with everything that’s available to them. If you live in an area with a large city library it can be overwhelming. I remember thinking I was the only person that didn’t know how to locate a children’s book or where the adult non-fiction section was, and was too embarrassed to ask. ASK! Librarians are very friendly and helpful.

Most libraries have audio books and E-books that you can download from home. So if your paying $22.95 for Audibles or buying your E books from Amazon, stop that, and check out the library.

Break Out The Highlighter 🖊
When the park and rec guide hits my mailbox I love flipping through all the classes, trips and camps. Some classes or camps can be pretty spendy, so if your on a tight budget check with your city, they may have a scholarship program that your whole family can qualify for.

Signing up for a class can feel a bit “nerdy”, but once you get out there, I am always glad I went! If your trying something new, chances are you will meet people just like yourself, just wanting a new experience. So go get your highlighter and give something new a chance.

Roll The Dice 🎲
Board games seem to be a dying past time. I grew up with a deck of cards and tons of board games. I still love them today. My 10 year old and I have been on a Ticket to Ride kick lately and a silly game called Exploding Kittens. I have a “nerdy” competitiveness in me that refuses to let him win, somehow he still manages to.

Maybe your not quite the nerd I am, but whatever YOUR thing is, embrace it, and if nothing else, at least buy a laminator.

I know this is again, another off topic babbling of my quirky ideas. Thanks for reading and showing interest in our family blog.

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  1. I may not be nerdy as you describe it but definitely am quirky. It’s ok – I love quirky. I am glad that my husband is not reading this though because I think we would be heading out to buy a laminator. LOL

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