Guess What We Got Today???

So we made a purchase at the pet store today… yes, Ryan and I are suckers for pets and the boys. Both boys looked up information online and informed us of their lifespan, what they ate, how big they would get, and lots of interesting facts about pet rats. I have to admit I was impressed with my 8 year old(Jayden). He went to youtube on his tablet and looked up how to care for a rat videos and watched them all morning. It was adorable.

The only real expense was the cage, and the boys had saved up allowance money, so I feel pretty good about the whole purchase. I have never been a rat fan exactly, but these two little fellas are surprisingly adorable.

We also took the rainy day as a day for pet errands and took the two doggies in for a grooming and nail trim. bpcsPrRoRS6N%qZdYMz5eQCoco is super comfortable with the groomer, very chill, but Rio shakes likes crazy. Hopefully she will become more relaxed as she gets older.

We bought them both new doggie toys, and a little catnip for Bob. It was a love your pet kind of morning.


So far the dogs and cat have not noticed that we have 2 new members to our family. Not sure yet to what their reaction will be. 😆

Last thing to report is, we still need names for them both. Jayden thinks he’s naming his rat Godzilla and Joe is considering Humphrey. But I am super interested in everyone’s suggestions.

As a daycare provider I am pushing for something cute like Maisy or Stewart, and Ryan wants to name one a pro surfer. 💕🐀 Anyway that’s our Saturday, hope your all having a great weekend!


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  1. ahhh so cute! You guys should teach the rats how to do tricks (“spin” is super easy to teach them and it’s really cute when you can show people when they do that trick)

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