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May is finally here, and what is on our mind? What else? Camping, camping, and more camping! We will be camping every weekend in May starting this weekend at Whaler’s Rest south of Newport.

We, of course should be prepping the garden area for planting veggies or spring cleaning in the house, but eh… screw it(YOLO)! We are home all day, all week with our home daycare, come the weekend we want to escape!

Here is our schedule for May:

  • Whaler’s Rest
  • Belknap Springs(No kids)
  • The Rhodedendron Festival in Florence
  • South Jetty for Memorial Weekend(kicking off 100 days of camping).24558E1F-86B6-4AEA-B111-1FF436CBC2F33f5ae011-a6a2-47f8-9d95-494afb1ee79b.jpeg

If Ryan and I could manage it somehow, we would become full time RVers tomorrow. But I can’t see how, with 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and now 2 rats living in a tent trailer? We wouldn’t last but a week…

Someday down the road, that’s what Ryan and I are hoping for, it’s 100% our dream!

We just don’t know how we’ll pull it off yet or what we’d be traveling around the country in, maybe a 5th wheel, travel trailer or motorhome? What do you travel in?


Who knows maybe we’ll discover jobs we can do from the comfort of our RV. Blogging once I make it big!! Hahaha… Ryan can teach surfing on the road? Traveling surf lessons? I think we’d probably starve with this plan, but it’s fun to dream.


If you are a full-time traveler I would love to know how you were able to take the leap. Do you have a home to come home to? Do you have a certain winter destination?31D02BFF-B457-48A3-94FE-799B96E73D27

Ryan and I have been a member of Thousand Trails a nationwide camping resort chain for the last 20 years, and it’s been in our family since I was about 7 years old.  We can travel to different Thousand Trails park all over the country and stay for free. Many of our trips refer to camping at Thousand Trails, and that is why.


Most parks are on the east and west coast, in Oregon we have 5 parks that we can go to and frequent all year long. I feel like having this membership gets us just that much closer to becoming real full timers, we’ve even upgraded our membership a few times now to their, geez I think it’s called their Platinum membership now..🤔 I just don’t know how to do the rest. 😆

Sadly, for as many parks as there are across the country, I have only been to the parks in Oregon, and just 2 parks in Washington. That’s not much traveling. 🙄I try so hard to make the most of the 100 days of summer between Memorial weekend and Labor Day Weekend, but I just don’t make it too far from home.

I need to shake things up! We need to step out of our comfort zone!  I’m just not sure where to start…

If your into camping, maybe a full time RVer, travel blogging your experiences, or you’ve stayed at tons of these Thousand Trails Parks across the US, Please reach out to us! We want to learn how to make this happen for our family.


Thanks for reading our dreamy post of running away in our RV. We hope to hear from you!

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