How Do You Organize Your Children’s Books?📚

When I was a kid…

I don’t remember having hardly any of the formats for books that are available today. In my house it was mostly hardbound Golden Books, some Disney books, and some Book of the Month titles.

I think Cinderella was my Disney favorite. My mom says she would try to skip some of the words sometimes at bedtime to hurry the story along. I would always catch her and correct her since I had the book memorized, of course. 🤓Hahaha I think most parents are guilty of this at least some nights when we’re tired.

Today we have so many options for purchasing children’s books. I literally have mine separated in several different parts of the house and I don’t have a clue as to how to organize them. I have tried, and tried.

We have board books, flippy-flappy books(that’s what I call the Scholastic and Golden Books), early reader soft books, picture books, E books on our fire tablets, oh and then our library books! Why is there so many types? This isn’t even mentioning the content. You can even throw in the holiday titles in each of these various formats…🤯 I like to be organized, but it’s hard to find the right solution.

Board Books 📚C10DC617-7D5A-4862-BAAD-CC2A41DB5819

This is definitely a growing format for children’s books. It seems like every time I go to the bookstore more and more classic titles are printed in this kid-friendly, sturdy book style.

I used to think these board books were meant for babies and toddlers. They are sturdy and could handle the occasional chewing, drooling 🤤 baby that’s discovering books. But now I see all kinds of titles on these board books.

Board books used to be smaller in size, about a quarter of the full-sized picture books. But that seems to be changing too! Recently I’ve purchased a few full-sized board books, titles like Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom, Im Going To Give You A Bear Hug and Guess How Much I Love YOU.

Flippy Flappy Books 📚 BC1D250F-36FA-404F-A469-87556C66F5F1

I call them flippy-flappy books, but they are the new version of the Golden and Scholastic Books. They are thin and inexpensive. If your going to the bookstore with only a few bucks to buy a book for your child, these are the ones you go for on the turning tower book shelf of Dora, Little Critter, and Pinkalicious Books.

Picture Books(usually with sleeves) 📚5AC4361C-575E-4E7A-AE98-02F1E3E8B04E

These are the prized books of any children’s  library, the ones that don’t get left out for little fingers(at least not at my house).

These are the circle time and bedtime books that go back on the shelf after we read them. If you have a favorite book, you want it in hardbound so it will last for the grandkids.

Pop-Up And Flap Books 📚 LLd0knyXSdmFW2U05UjaKg

This type of book just does not hold up in our house. I can think of one pop-up book we own, The Wide Mouthed Frog. And we literally have one lift the flap book, Dear Zoo. Occasionally we will get a new one as a gift and they are destroyed almost as soon as we get them.

Library Books 📚FAAAD528-3A7F-4AFC-A449-CCE2711CD8ED

At our house we always have at least a dozen or more books checked out at any time, add in a few movies and 2 puppets and it’s a lot to carry back to the library each week. I will check out children’s titles for our daycare, for my boys, movies for all of us and always 2 furry puppets to keep rotating for our daycare.

E Reader Books📚

I don’t usually purchase many books on our tablets but we do have several that are available for our daycare. We have a few tablets that the kids can use at various times during the day.


I am the only one that listens to audio books in our house but I am saving my Scholastic points for an audiobook listening station for our daycare with several headphones to listen to the same story(just one more thing I will have to find a place, for and the books to go with it).🤪

How Do You Store Your Books? 📚

I adore all our books, whether they are children’s books or me and Ryan’s. I’m just not sure what to do with them!🙄

Do you sort by…

  • By topic
  • By Author
  • Fiction/ non-fiction
  • Book size
  • Seasonal
  • Disposable/hardbound

Thanks for reading about our children’s library, I’d love to know how you organize your library!🤔

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  1. I use to try by author but eventually gave up and did from biggest to smallest. On my Kindle I organize by author if I have more than one. Otherwise I go with Fantasy/Girlie/Mystery/Young Adult. On my book shelf now with the authors that I collect there is no rhyme or reason to how I have it set up. Except the bottom two shelves are all my Terry Pratchett’s as I no longer need space for more books from him. 🙁

  2. No organization here, except only board books in my daughter’s room…she has ripped too many pages out of the other ones. Still looking for a way too, they end up in every room of our house. It’s a good problem to have, too many books around!

  3. Right now I sort by boardbook vs paper. The board books are where the toddler can reach and pull and touch. The soft books are where he can’t! Lol. The older boys keep those away from him.

    • Awesome! I love hearing how everyone manages their library… 💕 thank you for sharing!
      I have 2 groups of my board books, my older titles that are for everyone to enjoy, and my newer titles that are for circle time/bedtime because I’m still inlove with them! 🤓🤪 haha

  4. at the moment ours are sorted by location. We have bedtime ones that are kept in the bedroom. We have Bookcase ones, which we finally got our child to start putting them back. And we have others, that is the ones that are scattered throughout the house because who can control a toddler

  5. I’m embarrassed to say our books are organized much like a library, and we do the same with our movies too. I think it’s my OCD! We have a romance section, and all the books in that section are grouped alphabetically by author or series, and so forth. The kid books are less organized by just younger or older readers, although I group all the Dr Seuss books together because they look nicer that way. I love board books, even though we don’t have any littles in our home now, but I babysit occasionally and I’ve put away special ones for future grandchildren. The board books that I have for visitors are kept in a toy box. I do have a board book that has super sturdy pop up flaps that have withstood the test of time and child. The paper flaps just end up torn off. This was a fun topic!

    • It was fun for me to write about! Thank you so much for taking the time to share that… I love hearing how families organize books and movies! 💕💕

  6. I LOVE books! I am that mom that reaches the checkout limit at the library every week! Our personal books are organized by topic. I keep our home library in the basement and alternate the books in their room to keep their interest.

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