2 Month Blogiversary

We have survived the first two months of blogging!! YAY!!😃 And when I think of all that we’ve learned and gained in the last 2 months, I’m so glad we started this blog! We have shared many of our family trips with you, invited you into our home and you’ve  let us tag along on your amazing trips too!

We have discovered so many amazing and thought provoking blogs that my daily reading has about doubled what it was two months ago(and I’m not a fast reader!)🧐

In that time frame, I’ve had 90 posts, 275 followers, 7,300 views and 3,100 visitors. This is my most viewed post: Whales of Depoe Bay. I know many people will say these numbers don’t really matter, but for me I’d like to think it reflects some of the relationships that we have been cultivating in the blogging community.😁 And so for that, I am grateful.

Being the introvert, and homebody that I am, somedays these conversations are the only ones I have outside of Ryan and the daycare parents I work with(and preschoolers of course🤣).

Some of the conversations that have been sparked by a thoughtful post or comment have been my most enjoyable aspects of blogging.

So to all of the blogs that I follow, like, and comment on…. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!💕 -and Keep Blogging!


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  1. Congratulations! When I visit your blog there is no way I’d guess it was so young. Your doing a great job. Mine is a little younger, so I’m keen to follow your journey

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