Observation Day

Our preschool has been participating in a literacy curriculum through the University of Oregon. This week we are focusing on a behavior unit, specifically self-control is our topic for today.

Today is going to be a crazy day. We will have our 8 preschoolers here today, which is normal, but we’ll have a graduate student come out from the U of O to observe me leading circle time activities this morning and then come back at 1pm to observe my small group activities. 1A346176-4E89-4F04-8699-3028FE3C79F7

For someone with social anxiety, why I agreed to do this program is beyond me. 🤪 I’m not exactly feeling great about it this morning. Lol

But I’m sure it will go well. I’ll feel better once we get through it.

And If these two observations aren’t enough, late this afternoon have an interview with a new family. These are all great things for our program, I’m just going to need to stay caffeinated!!  It’s going to be a busy Thursday! Wish me luck!!😬

Thanks for reading our daily prompt post. Have a great day!

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  1. I hope it went well.
    Self-control is such an important lesson to start learning from early. … eventually some of it will stick 😉

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