You Will Not Believe What Happened During My Daycare’s Observation!!!

I was a bit unprepared before today and so I was scrambling this morning to get everything ready. The graduate student from the University of Oregon was coming to our daycare to observe me leading their literacy program that we volunteered for.

She was coming twice today, once in the morning for circle time and then again after lunch for small group activities. If you missed the first post, it was a super short daily-prompt post this morning, you can read it here.

As much as I thought I had prepped for the afternoon small group activity nothing would have prepared me for what happened at 1:30pm in our carport.

I was in the middle of a discussion with 5 of our preschoolers talking about what we can do to change our feelings when things aren’t going our way. We can take deep breaths, talk to someone about our feelings or try a calming activity that makes us feel better. It was the beginning of a great discussion.. 

As I was leading the conversation I heard this rumbing sound from off in the distance. I thought maybe it was a weed wacker or lawn mower several houses away, and something caught my eye and it caused me to glance up. 🐝

Instantly, my heart was racing, as I saw thousands(literally) of bees swarming towards my house. I shit you not! I looked to the back of our house and to the front and literally all I could see was BEES and more BEES coming!!!! As they came into the carport I yelled, In the house, right now everyoneAnd I literally grabbed everyone and rushed them up the stairs to our home.

Somehow we all managed to get inside without anyone being stung. It was probably a funny thing to witness looking back, me panicking and grabbing all the kids as fast as I could. But at the time, it was quite terrifying. Had the swarm headed straight into our carport instead of past our house we could have all been stung hundreds of times.

So, that officially ended our observation. lol The girl from the U of O happened to be allergic to bees so she was quite shaken up as well.

We stopped our small group activity, skipped afternoon recess and decided to watch The Bee Movie instead. 🐝

After a few minutes we were able to see the bees head back to a hive that appears to be across the street from us. We put a call in to a beekeeper, who will hopefully be here soon.8B0E3FF5-6150-4168-B968-E2BEEF35FF4F

Me being the nerdy girl I am, Ive asked if we can observe him removing the hive and if possible if we can keep the hive once he is done with it. Crossing my fingers!

That’s my excitement for daycare today, thanks for reading. I have never looked forward to a margarita after work more than  today!

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  1. A swarm of bees can be really scary to see and hear but when they are swarming is when honey bees are probably least dangerous. They are on a mission to find a new home. They have gorged themselves with food to last a few days until they find a new home and begin making food again. At this point they have nothing to defend except their queen so unless you are threatening her you are most likely safe. Honey bees sting as a defensive mechanism. They use it to protect themselves, their queen and their food. If they do sting they die so they tend to only use it if there is a real threat. Glad they didn’t land in your car port though. 🙂

    • That makes sense. It doesn’t sound very scary when you explain it that way… 😊Hahaha
      I was so caught off guard, I was just in a panic to get the kids inside.

      • Your reaction was normal and you did good having to protect the kids, but now you know – next time you see a swarm you can stand back and watch and even snap a few photos. 🙂
        We will be watching for our hives to swarm probably in a month or so. We will try to capture the swarms to start new hives.

      • Sounds really interesting. If I lived in the country I’d love to have bees. 😊 How much honey do you get from them?

      • We think we harvest about 20 lbs. of honey per year per hive. We always leave lots for the bees because we don’t like feeding them sugar water.

  2. Exciting to see a swarm of bees and for the uninitiated it can be scary. However, generally speaking, a swarm of bees are very placid and unlikely to sting. They are more interested in protecting the queen and looking for a new home.
    Beekeeping is great fun and you get some honey sometimes, but it’s proper animal husbandry if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

    • Thank you for reading our post! I don’t know a lot about bees.. And I’ve never seen a swarm before so it totally spooked me! But your reply makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing that! ☀️

  3. That sounds like it would of been terrifying. We had a hive show up over night last summer. We did the same thing. With all the news around bees we called in a local bee keeper. The bee keeper and my kids hit it off where they worked together to move the hive, and save the colony. He eventually moved the colony to his shop where we are invited to have free honey anytime. He also made the kids plaques that awarded them Junior Bee keeper awards. Alot of positives came from that day. My kids still talk about that day!

    • Wow! That’s so cool! I’m a little frustrated because the beekeeper has not called us back yet. I’m going to have to call someone else on Monday, since we’re about to head out of town this afternoon.

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