RV Decisions

Ryan and I are 100% sold on wanting to be full time rvers in a few years(maybe more like 6 or 8 years). What we are unsure about is how to get there?

Our discussion lately has been over what our next RV should be. We have basically outgrown our tent trailer. It’s a great little camper. It opens up to be almost 26 ft with 2 king beds at each end, but it’s just one big room, so we have no privacy. 0682C93B-E66A-474C-9567-2D1EFA534F53

Do we get a new RV  that will last us for many, many years? Or do we save a few bucks, trade in our tent trailer on a used travel trailer and not take on a new payment?

We can convince ourselves of going either way. Neither of us want another monthly obligation. Yet what will ultimately be our home seems like a good investment of our money as well.

Ryan is always telling me, let’s buy a schoolbus and fix it up and live in it like a couple of hippies! My response is always the same, ok, once you’ve become a mechanic and can fix every little thing that can go wrong, I’m game! EA1E947C-E763-403A-A131-C1631623B9F3

My ideal trailer would be A 26 ft travel trailer with grandma and grandpa rocking chairs, for our special mornings, a big picture window and maybe bunk beds for the boys in the back. Not quite as colorful as this bus. 🚌

One of our favorite things to do when we’re camping is to walk through the campground and check out everyone’s RV and how they set up their camp. Ryan and I will bring a glass of wine and we’ll loop through the campground to get new ideas.

There is something kind of magical for me, walking through a busy campground just before dusk. Families are stoking the campfires 🔥, getting dinner going outside, kids playing around camp. These are some of my favorite sounds I’ve grown up with.

There is definitely something to the saying Happy Camper! When we are camping, we couldn’t be happier(Minus the trip where we lost power, and didn’t have any heat).

Just thinking of packing up and heading to the beach tomorrow with our trailer in tow, gets me super excited! We will continue our discussion for our future RV on another day, I think I will go start on a packing list…

What are your thoughts on RV’s? Do you have any crazy stories on backing into a site? That is one of my fears!! 😲 Thanks for reading and cheers to the weekend!🍻

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  1. We are full-time RVers and absolutely love it. My husband works for a large corporation from our RV and we go whenever and wherever we want that has good cell coverage. 🙂 I had a lot of doubts, too (getting rid of stuff is an emotional growth process), but don’t regret it in the slightest bit. It’s an amazing life (camping all the time–how could it not be). 🙂 Glad I ran across you. Dawn

  2. We’ve been full-time RVers for a year now. We bought a used RV, as I read that new ones have a lot of kinks, so we decided to let someone else figure that out. There are so many options out there – I guess just set a priority list and work from there.

    • I’ve heard that too. My parents bought a new one last year and it was right back in the shop for all the little issues they found. What a pain it was for them..

  3. We purchased both our RVs slightly used and are thankful that we did…the first owner took the depreciation and worked out the new kinks. RVs, new or used, eventually some things need to be repaired or replaced, just the nature of traveling down the road in one…things come loose, undone, etc. Hope you find the RV that works best for you!

    • Thank you! And thank you for reading our post! We are trying to sort everything out as to how we would manage our life on the road. Makes for lots to talk about! 😂

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