10 Things You Don’t Know About Ryan & I

Lately I’ve read a lot of blogging awards from fellow bloggers, and I’ve really enjoyed the posts that fill in some of the details of who they are. So for a Top 10 Tuesday post here are some things about Ryan and I that you probably don’t know.

It is just a fun little post. We had to really try to think hard on 10 things we haven’t yet shared. lol Here ya go…

  1. I own about a dozen different pairs of reading glasses that are scattered all throughout our home and cars. Most of them are colorful ones from the dollar store. Ryan refuses to go and get his own, but if you were in our living room at 5am you would see him reading the paper in my lavender leopard print reading glasses(these are his favorite). It’s quite the look for him…😳(he says this is kinda personal…)
  2. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll share it again. I am inlove with YA books. They are fun, easy and especially the fantasy books, they take me sooo far away from reality! Love, love, love…I wish I could hide out in my bedroom and read all week long.
  3. I am addicted to diet soda. I can’t help myself…Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Pepsi, or Diet Mountain Dew… I love them all and I can’t seem to kick them. When I’m feeling a little blah, nothing like an ice cold fountain drink to perk me up. 😏
  4. I am afraid of bees! 🐝 And sadly if you read our post on my daycare’s observation, a beekeeper never came to extract, and save the hive. The managers of the area where we live just had them sprayed and killed the whole hive. I was really disappointed.😔
  5. I’d like to think I’m quite the badass at scrabble! But I have no one to play anymore so maybe I’ve slipped. But I do miss playing board games. 🤓 Ryan isn’t into games, but occasionally he will humor me and kick my butt at Trivial Pursuit.
  6. I enjoy hitting a casino every few months, going with $100 and just checking out all the new slots for a few hours! This isn’t Ryan’s thing either, so I don’t make it often. But it’s one of my guilty pleasures.
  7. Ryan is a blanket hog! I don’t know how many nights I wake up to not even the sheet covering me. Lol 😂 Good thing I am writing this and not Ryan. He’d probably tell you I snore or something crazy like that, but nothing could be further from the truth! 🤔
  8. Here is an unusual thing about me. Running my home daycare is the only job I’ve ever had. I have been running my daycare since about 1994. I’m not super wild and crazy. 😴
  9. I can admit that I am not the best at managing our finances. Every month is a struggle for Ryan and I. We set up a budget and really do try, but It’s definitely not one of our strengths. We joke that we could win the lottery and by the end of the month still wonder if we are going to overdraw our account.
  10. As much as I love to read, sadly, I am a very slow reader, it’s a disappointment. Ryan on the other hand reads twice as fast as I do…yet I read 10x more than him, grrrr!🤨

Thanks for checking out our Top Ten Tuesday post! Have a great day everyone! ☀️

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  1. So sad about the bees. I’m a slow reader too and my husband can speed read so if we ever want to read the same thing I just let him go first. I think running a home daycare for that long speaks volumes. It may even mean you are a little crazy. LOL.

    • Hahaha Ruth… you just made me laugh out loud! You may be on to something! 🤪 – and yes, very sad about the bees. Thanks for reading!

    • I’m sorry to hear that… for your sake about budgeting. Lol It was a hard one to admit.
      Board games are so fun! I don’t understand why people don’t enjoy them! 😁
      Thanks for reading our post. ☀️

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