Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Love Rocks💕

In our daycare and for our boys we like to always spread joy when we can! Usually we are painting or doing crafts with googly eyes, glitter and construction paper when we’re crafty. So when I found this really simple yet adorable idea, I have incorporated it into our program every Mother’s Day now.95CBDC61-8BCC-438A-8F88-2234FAFDE322

Last year we even made a different version of these adorable rocks by glueing the heart fabric on sand dollars that Ryan and I had found on the beach the previous trip to the coast. We got the boys up super early and placed one on every front porch before anyone in our neighborhood noticed. Hopefully bringing a few smiles to our neighborhood that morning.

I usually have Ryan and the boys go down by the river to gather a bucket of rocks various sizes. I wash them all up and have them ready for the next day. The children pick out whatever rock they want along with precut heart fabric pieces. I usually buy several different colors and patterns so there is a color and style for everyone’s liking.

CAF0A734-3E2F-40DA-B6EB-E6AD28F835A3I put some newpsaper on the counter and let each child glue the fabric on to the rock with Mod Podge. This is a great glue and sealer, also washing up easily.  This is an activity that you want to do a day or so before the children are leaving for the week as it does take a bit of time to completely dry.

And that is it! It’s a lovely little gift for anyone. Their is a story behind where Love Rocks were created and you can find that story here.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and are planning to spend it with your mother! 😉 Thanks for reading everyone..✌🏻

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