Eugene Oregon

Hendrick’s Park, Eugene Oregon

In South Eugene, there is an 80 acre park that borders the University of Oregon Campus. The park is world-renowned for its rhododendron gardens, and for 2 weeks of the year, it is simply amazing!B780EA7F-3796-4A93-89A5-9458BAB76AC4

Some years Ryan and I make it just a week too late, but this year we saw the park in all its glory.

B3BF362B-57EE-42CC-BDBC-4432CD2F92C5Visitors enjoy over 6,000 varieties of plants that sit just beneath  200 year old Douglas Firs. It’s breathtaking to see, and if I could share with you the sweet aroma from all that’s in bloom I surely would.

These are my favorite photos, I hope you enjoy them…


This turkey was wondering through the park also. Eugene has had a huge turkey population spike that’s been irritating some of the residents.This fella was pretty chill though, just enjoying his Wednesday stroll through the park.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our date night. Have a great Day!✌🏻

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